Top Posts of 2014

I thought writing a Top Posts post would be easy but, per usual, I found myself in overthinking Kids Sitting on top of a car roofland.  See, of the 10 posts with the most hits, 8 were written in past years.

1. Style & the Stay At Home Mom: A Quest–I hit a nerve with this one.  Apparently I’m not alone in my grocery store dilemma.

2. Style & the Stay at Home Mom: Building the Uniform, Part 1

3. Menu Plan Monday: Perfect Health Diet, Part 2

4. Can You Shop for the Perfect Health Diet at Aldi?–A lot of people search for “Aldi coconut oil” and land here.  Blogging is sexy.

5. Style & the Stay at Home Mom: Building the Uniform, Part 2: This includes my all-time favorite pictures of my husband.

Lesson learned: if you’re after hits, stick with niche subjects–SAHM style (who knew that even existed??) and the Perfect Health Diet.

Posts with the most hits that were written in 2014:

1. Boden Spring 2014 in Review: People like to Google pictures of real people non-models in a piece of clothing before ordering, and my pictures here fit the bill.

2. Five Favorite Meals to Bring to a Friend

3. The Mom Bag and My Existential Angst:  This got a lot of comments.  People share my angst.

4. Rules of Civility: The Book That Wrecked My Blog:  Deceptive title, but it got linked to by Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Say wha?

5. Old Navy Spring 2014 in Review: More dressing room selfies.  I look at these pictures of myself from 10 months ago and wonder, “Who is that skinny person?” What a difference a year makes.  Wop wop.

These all were written in the first half of the year, so it makes sense they got more hits than posts written later in the year.  It would be more accurate if I took the average number of hits per day published and ranked that way.  That’s way too much work, but the skewering of results bothers me here.

Overthinking, overthinking, overthinking . . . 

And here are my five favorites of the posts I wrote in 2014 . . . okay, I can’t whittle it down to five.  I love my own writing that much (and I just typed “righting”–what is that supposed to tell me?):

1. My review of The Rosie Project and thoughts on what it says about settling for Mr. Good Enough (guest post at Atelier).

2. My Life Is Hell: And Other Uplifting Thoughts on the Parenting of High Maintenance Girls

3. Why The Book Thief Is a Terrible Book: I love ripping into a bad book almost as much as relishing a good book.

4. I Don’t Like Being a Mom and That’s Okay

5. If I Were Born 100 Years Earlier I Would Have Been a Nun: what contraception, the vocations crisis, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, and Fifty Shades of Gray all have to do with each other.  I enjoy stirring the pot periodically.

6. Satan Hates Community

Top Five Search Terms (other than searches for my blog name):

1. perfect health diet meal plan
2. stay at home mom wardrobe
3. stay at home mom clothes
4. eat all the things  (people searching for this work of fine art)
5. aldi coconut oil

Okay, that’s enough of me writing about my writing.  So tell me . . . what do you think about my writing?  😉

For real though: If you’d like to guest post on the Style & the SAHM theme, please send me an email: thisfelicitouslife @ gmail .com.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog yourself, and the post needn’t be fancy.  You can see some examples here and here.

These posts are a big draw and I’d like to keep posting on the topic.  I can only post so many selfies, though.  Plus I’m feeling less than motivated lately.  So I could use your help!




3 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2014

  1. I liked your simple healthy meal planning (I’ve been using your forever meal plan as a guide for 2015) and I used to love your wiws posts… you always had the cutest stripes and skirts and boots.

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