Goal-Type Things for the New Year

I try to keep my ambitions realistic . . .


but I’ve been thinking about goals for 2015 and they’re starting to add up.  In no particular order they are

1. Keep wearing the Fitbit I got (by request) for Christmas.  No specific exercise goal, but hopefully wearing it and checking my stats will motivate me to boost my activity.  Over the past seven days I’ve averaged just barely above 5,000 steps per day.  Under 5,000 is considered sedentary.  Yikes.

2. Redecorate my living room (whole house?) with mid-century modern-inspired look, moving my French-cottage-meets-your-grandma’s-house decor to the basement t.v. room (more on this shortly).

3. Learn how to use a power drill, which will aid in #2.  Tensions run high when I ask Pat to hang stuff (“no not there, up a bit, now down . . . no, not like that”) .

4. Go back on the Perfect Health Diet!  This is big.  We ditched the PHD about a year ago, but Pat and I haven’t felt nearly as good since then.  So I’m kicking the mental health diet to the curb.  We’re modifying the PHD slightly (beans and peanut butter are in).

5. No Sugar January: The PHD itself cuts out almost all added sugars, but I’m serious about that part for at least a month.  I’m buddying up with Ellen for support.  I might cheat on other aspects of the PHD when we go out to eat or whatnot.  But no sugar.

6. More spiritual reading, starting with Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium, which I’m about 2/3 of the way through.  Next I want to read Benedict XVI’s Deus Caritas Est.  I also want to read through the Gospels.

7.  Stop saying “sorry.”  More on this later.

8. Move this blog to a self-hosted platform.  I already have a placeholder over at http://thisfelicitouslife.com.  Two years have gone by, and I still haven’t moved my data over.  I got an error message and gave up.

9. Learn the capitalization rules for blog titles. Seriously, I never remember which of the little words like “A, At, The, If, And, But, Or” need capitalization.

10. Stay away from celebrity gossip websites and magazines.  (I made this one in October and have kept it pretty well so far.)

11. Social-media-free Sundays!!  (I wouldn’t mind getting back into What I Wore Sunday but I’ll do it on Mondays.)

12.  Cut down on the use of parentheses (for obvious reasons).

All this talk of goals made me remember–I set goals for 2014.  I wonder what they were?  😉  Oh, here they are

1. The GoalThe No-S Diet: No Ssssugar, no Sssssnacks, and no Ssssseconds, except sometimes on weekends and special days.


Laughing hysterically

2. The Goal:  T Tapp. I’ve heard good things about this exercise routine (here and here among other places). 15 minutes a day! Easy on your joints (unlike my short-lived gambol with Jillian)! Helps balance mood, blood sugar, and hormones! 


Not good.  I did the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus several times a week for several weeks.  I lost close to an inch from my waist (more from tightening muscle than from burning fat).  But she has a move called the “T-Tapp twist” that did a number on my lower back.  Tried to come back to it after recovering, and it messed up my back again.  No can do.

Plus, I was hoping for some science behind all her promises and quasi-scientific terms.  Her book didn’t have any of that, just explanations for how to do the moves and a bunch of success stories.  I’d recommend the workout if you want something that will tone you up in a short time, but not if you have low-back problems.


3. The GoalHome command center restructuring. 


Nailed it!


IMG_3814 IMG_3817

After (full post on this to come):

Home command center

4. The GoalDedicate time for blogging and–sheesh!–answering email. I don’t have a game plan here yet, but it’s something I really want to do. Right now, I usually write in the evenings when the girls are asleep. 



I intended to make this one of 2015’s goals, completely forgetting that it had been one of 2014’s.  Never did come up with that game plan.  Oh well.

5. The goalSwitch from plastic leftover containers to glass.


Nailed it!  I bought a few more pieces of Pyrex and also bought covers for three Pyrex bowls I already had.  I still have some plastic leftover containers, but I don’t use them as much and I never heat food in the microwave in them.

6. The Goal: Keep making progress in time management, especially going to bed early and not staying up late browsing the web.

Life goals vs. the internet


Hmm.  Not great.  I love the iPod mini my dad gave me earlier this year (thank you, veterinary pharmaceutical reps!), but that thing is dangerous when I keep it by my bed.


from laptop to phone in bed stick figure cartoon

On that note, here’s to a successful 2015 for us all!

14 thoughts on “Goal-Type Things for the New Year

  1. Cut down on use of parentheses!?!?! (Please don’t leave me alone in this vice.) FYI, my tummy is very hungry right now, but I know I’ve had enough to eat today. Methinks it wants sugar… Solidarity!

  2. As always, love this! And NEVER give up the parenthesis…. or the use of the dash to cross out what you have written as a comedic tool. That would take a little of the fun out of it! ( It’d be so hard too, like giving up exclamation points. Horrors!!!!)

  3. My husband always uses parentheses, while I’m more of a dash girl. We argue about it from time to time, but we’re probably both being lazy. Oh well!

    That’s an impressive list of goals! Good luck on reaching them and staying out of the internet ditch. Awesome cartoon.

    • A teacher once told me that dashes were the mark of a poor writer, but I disagree. I think they are one of the only ways to make an exhausted reader sit up and notice something! And aren’t we all exhausted readers?

      • Dixie and Caroline, I’m reading “on writing well” by William Zinsser. I highly highly recommend it. He calls the dash an “invaluable tool that is widely regarded as not quite proper–a bumpkin at the genteel dinner table if good English” but says “it has full membership and will get you out of many tight corners.”

        He says that semicolons, however, have “a 19th century mustiness” and “should be used sparingly.” How sad; I rather like them. 🙂

        Sent from my iPhone

  4. Laura, you make laugh! I love reading your posts. Reminds me a bit of myself when I was a young mother, now I’m just an old mother! It took me much longer to cut myself some slack, I’m getting better at it.

  5. Hey Laura – as per the furniture, I just ran across this website that might be something you’d enjoy perusing….? (I’m an ellipsis girl….) Anyhow – I have no idea of how expensive or not it is, but it looks cool, (watch the videos) even though it’s not my style.

  6. Oh I can relate to so much of this! (Though I will never give up my parenthesis . . . or overuse of ellipses.)

    Let me know how the drill part works, I really want to use ours. Then I look at it, make a spectacularly unsuccessful attempt at using it, and then I put it down. There are curtains I have had for months that are not hung because Nathan doesn’t want to hang the rods. He says that it is for the sake of our marriage.

    Most of our goals and aspirations look pretty similar. Best of luck with yours this year!

  7. If you have a drill, just use it. If not, buy one. I’ve been putting up blinds and curtains for years. Although, I did have a friend put up my first set of curtains and after watching her and realizing it wasn’t hard, I have since put them up for the past 12 years. In fact, my husband only just learned to put up rods and curtains in his law office while I supervised. 🙂

    • Awesome! We have a huge one that my husband uses. I’ve tried learning on it but it’s too heavy and unwieldy for me. I have a teeny one that came in a tool kit but it’s useless as far as I Can see. Not enough juice. … Part of my resolution will be to find a medium, momma-bear size drill ( come on Craigslist)!

  8. Just found your blog! I love the New Year and reading about everyone’s resolutions. I always feel a bit nervous to put it all out there in print since my failure will then be recorded for all to see. Luckily for me, that’s only about the six people reading my blog. Thanks for giving me the encouragement share my goals “out loud”.

  9. I tried to use the power drill last month. That was a laugh. And I’m the daughter of a carpenter 🙂 Ours actually isn’t too heavy, it’s cordless too. You are welcome to borrow it and try it out if you would like?

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