Stuff for bad skin

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I have bad skin; always have; probably always will.  It broke out in an angry blaze around Christmas.

1952 acne medication ad

I blame illness and lack of sleep and stress and sugar.  But it’s been better in the last few weeks. (Other than the small percentage I get from Amazon, this isn’t a promotional post, honest!  It’s just that I went to Sephora and it’s given me a new lease on life, or at least on my face.)  I think these items have helped:

1. Nice foundation: For the first time in my life, I bought big-girl foundation from the makeup store instead of cheapo stuff from the drugstore.  Sephora has this Color IQ computer program in their stores, and it finds a match for your skin tone from all the products they carry.  My match is “Dim the Lights” by Buxom (ooh la la).  Wow, it feels and blends so much better than the drugstore stuff.   It’s paraben free but *wamp wamp* has some nasty chemical sunscreen in it.

I also bought some primer, because I was on a roll.  I wonder, though, whether the cosmetic company executives are laughing at us behind closed doors.  Does primer really do anything?  I am dubious, but regardless, the primer + nice foundation combo lasts longer than the drugstore stuff alone ever did.

2. Indian Clay Healing Mask: This is great for pulling junk out of your skin and shrinking your pores.  Plus it’s cheap and all natural.  My one problem with it is that it clogs up my sink.  So for now I kick the can down the road and rinse it off in the bathtub or with a wet washcloth.

3. Avalon Organics COQ10 cleansing milk and wrinkle defense creme.  I like that the cream is SPF 15 and uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, not any of the nefarious chemical sunscreens.  The cleansing milk is non-drying.  During the summer I use Neutrogena Naturals cleanser, which is a bit stronger.  I use coconut oil to remove eye makeup.  I’ve also used Yes to Carrots SPF15 moisturizer, which also avoids the chemical sunscreen ingredients.

4. Aveeno Eczema defense hand cream: I’ve tried many of the all-natural cream and lotion products and they seem to just sit there, not soaking in, on really dry hands.   This is the only thing so far that worked for my chapped hands (I don’t have eczema so I don’t know how it works on that).  It has some petrochemicals, which I haven’t had the energy to care about yet, but it doesn’t have parabens or phthalates.

*I never cared much about going all-natural, organic, etc. until I realized that a lot of the politically incorrect ingredients mess with your hormones.  Between hormones wrecking my life and puberty threatening in the not-distant-enough future for my girls, I’m trying to stay away from the estrogen-mimickers*

5. Oil of Olay hair remover duo: Doesn’t burn skin off!  Less painful than waxing.  I would love not to have to use this stuff, but alas.  Eventually I’d like to try laser hair removal but I always find more fun stuff to save up my money for.  Apparently hand-held, home laser treatments are entering the market.  Anyone tried these yet?

Back to you, Jenna, for more Five Favorites!


14 thoughts on “Stuff for bad skin

  1. Well now I need to go to Sephora. I’m such a sucker for formulas and rules about these things. Remember the color seasons? And I’m so jealous of you dark haired fair skinned types that have laser hair removal as an option!

    • Don’t get too jealous: the laser thing is all we’ve got going for us. We burn easily (instantly sometimes!), and makeup is a challenge. I have a picture from a few Halloweens ago in which I dressed up as a witch. I haven’t a stitch of makeup on: the ghostly paleness and dark hair was all-natural. Some of us look like zombies that used white-out for pore-cleansing.

  2. Ive always had trouble finding the colour foundation for myself. Even in highend its hard. Its either too yellow or pink 😦 i feel the same about primer. I think it makes my skin look more dry. I a love hate relationship with primer.

  3. I’ve been cruising along on my lame drug store stuff, but I’m starting to see that I should probably invest a little more into my skincare. I haven’t struggled with acne in a while, probably thanks to pregnancy and nursing hormones and finally staying adequately hydrated. But those fine lines, crows feet, and acne scars near my mouth and on my chin are starting to be an issue. (40 year old Ellen is laughing at 30 year old Ellen right now.)
    Maybe I’ll start with the Indian clay stuff! At least it’s cheap!

  4. It’s amazing what the high end stuff does isnt’ it? I like Clinique for my foundation and eye shadow. I get the cheapo drugstore mascara and eyeliner (although my fav is the Clinique stuff).

  5. I asked for Clinique moisturizer for Christmas and am loving it. What I really need, though, is a under-eye concealer for the purple swatches of doom. The drugstore stuff I’m using now has the benefit of not looking too caky, but the coverage is minimal. What do you use for concealer?

  6. I think I first heard about the Indian Mask when your sister mentioned it on her blog? Ran off and ordered it from Amazon, used it once, and haven’t tried it again. But my skin is wreck so I better start using it!

  7. Laura get this — I’m now really into dry brushing … and I found you can dry brush your face! Talk about exfoliation.

    And yeah I need to do that face mask again.

  8. Check out safflower oil with high linoleic content. I use it on my face mixed in with my Cerave pm. That in conjunction with a low sugar diet has cleared my skin a lot. It sucks that others can consumer whatever they want and they only get like one zit. But I guess that’s life!

  9. I came back to this post and ordered a couple of the things you use! The winter has really messed up my face and I’m hoping maybe that cleanser you linked to will help. I’m getting frustrated because nothing seems to help the redness/dryness. Thanks for sharing!

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