1. I’m Still Alive

2. The kids are sick.

3. I’m 75% done painting our red kitchen taupe.

4. I’ve redecorated our living room (but I’m not kidding myself that I’ll ever be done with that).

IMG_8092 IMG_8089

5. Even with the kids being sick, I got so much done today because they played nicely.  All day.  It’s like the most productive day I’ve ever had at home.  I spackled all the holes in our living room walls.  I remarked on how many holes there were and Pat was like, “Yeah . . . those walls make us look like we’re a little . . . sketchy.  Like we’re on the wrong side of the tracks.”

6. Inspired by Kelly, I turned my desk into a makeshift standing desk.  Every time I’m at my laptop I’m standing up.  This might explain why I haven’t blogged much.

7. Today I wore this to adoration in the morning and around the house all day.



When I started to paint, I changed to this:


And my Style & the SAHM posts still get steady traffic (not heavy traffic, just steady).

I’m living a lie!!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thanks for hosting 7 Quick Takes, Kelly.



8 thoughts on “1. I’m Still Alive

    • You know, I’ve found very little on thrifty decorating for small houses with kids. Plenty of options for big houses. Decent options for trendy urban lofts. But no one seems to write about normal, small houses. Maybe that will be my niche?

      • You should! That would be great if there was a source for thrifty, small house decorating. Most of our furniture was given to us second-hand or was purchased on the cheap from Ikea/ Target. I’m okay with that since that’s realistic for our life right now, but I’d love to find inspiration to do something more with what we have, you know? My pins of gorgeous houses are great to look at but don’t really apply to our lifestyle. 🙂

  1. ….oh. I think you’ve found your niche, dearie. I LOVE how you write and WHAT you write – even though I don’t always comment. And – I love you!
    Auntie Al

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