Should I Stay [in this house] or Should I Go?

and other thoughts at the beginning of the week . . . .

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know.

Should I stay or should I go?

Pat and I frequently find ourselves discussing whether we will ever move.  Our mortgage payment is small; so is our house; so is our kitchen.  Fed up with tripping over my family and our belongings, I recently searched for acceptable nearby homes that wouldn’t require a higher mortgage.


So now we daydream about how to make our little starter home more of a forever home.  I watched episode after episode of Property Brothers recently.  Our biggest dilemma is what to do with our poorly-placed staircase.  Could we move it to the back bedroom? Is that wall to the side of it load-bearing?  Or maybe we could extend the kitchen back–merely a matter of, oh, digging new basement stairs.  Child’s play.

We talk as if money is no object.  Of course it is.  But I figure we should dream big and then figure out how to work toward it.  I don’t want to make cheap, little fixes we’ll regret later.

In the mean time, my little one shows signs of pneumonia.  I’m taking her to the doctor first thing in the morning.  I’ve been reading up on natural remedies for asthma and croup and pneumonia and wishing I had tried them earlier.  I did give the girls several grams of Vitamin C a day over the past week.  Maybe it helped Girl 1, but it hasn’t been the miracle for Girl 2 I hoped.

I’ve had soggy-lunged little girls for six years now and I still feel like I’m groping blindly for ways to avoid the thrice-yearly regimen of amoxicillin and oral steroids.  On the bright side, Girl 1 is outgrowing it, so I’m hopeful Girl 2 will also.

But my newly-decorated living room wall makes me happy.

Child's artwork displayed in 8.5 x 11' frames from Target

Child’s artwork displayed in 8.5 x 11′ frames from Target

Put a bird on it

I put a bird on it

So does my mantle, despite the roll of duct tape and miscellaneous loitering on it.

Have a lovely week y’all.

12 thoughts on “Should I Stay [in this house] or Should I Go?

  1. Dave and I have been dreaming big about our place since before we owned it. We have lots of ideas for huge, money-is-no-object renovations, but in the mean time, we keep chipping away at little updates that make a big difference in our every day lives. We don’t plan on living here forever, but we do plan on owning this place forever. That said, we don’t know how long we’ll be here so if it’s 5 years, we want to make sure we leave it in better shape than when we started, but if it’s 10 years, we’d better be able to do some of the big expensive projects to make it more live-able. Sheesh, I need HGTV to come take care of this shiz for me!

    I hope your baby girl feels better soon!

  2. Your mantle looks positively Better Homes and Gardens! And, the girls’ artwork is so tastefully displayed. I hope your little one feels better quickly! You can punch me in the face for bringing up EOs 😉 but…. I’ve found a drop of lavender in a tub of hot water with the shower running on hot helps with decongestion. I just stand in the bathroom with Ellie. Better Thymes has some good EOs at really reasonable prices.

    • No punching necessary! I’ve been reading up on essential oils. I found several scientific journal articles showing they are effective I helping respiratory problems. One was about lavender and asthma specifically. … I put some tea tree oil mixes with coconut oil in girl 2’s feet and chest several times since lat evening and actually she’s turned a corner. Her fever broke early this morning!

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  3. Ryan goes back and forth on this one — probably multiple times a day. One minute he’s planning a new patio/outdoor kitchen and the next he says he’s fed up, wants to list the place, and go back to renting.

  4. Hope the girls are feeling better soon!

    Having just last year made the jump to move which then leads to the finding a house that fits us that we can afford without too many immediate projects ~ I so get ya!!

  5. It’s amazing how much smaller your house becomes when your children’s bodies get bigger, especially when they have their friends over. A room that several years ago was fine for a small group of children all of the sudden is impractical for more than a couple of friends with adult sized bodies.

  6. Love the kids artwork display. I think I will try something similar in the family room.

    Hope things go well at the doctors. If it is any consolation I had asthma, pneumonia, frequent sinus infections, etc. as a kid and I outgrew it almost completely. I get maybe 1 asthma attack a year now. It’s really hard when your babies can’t breath though! Sam had croup two years ago and it was pretty awful.

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