Splendid Saturdays

Current obsessions, my living room, and style of romance . . .

1. This has been my view for the last half hour


2. I finally got my living room looking close to the way I want it.


3. I’ve been obsessed with mid-century modern design lately.  Obsessed.

4. Being cooped up in my house and my teeny-tiny kitchen for months, my obsessing moved on from home decorating to home renovations.  (But now I think maybe we should move!  So much to think about!!!)

5. Watching Property Brothers continually hasn’t helped.  It’s now Girl 1’s favorite show.  Asked what she likes best about it, she giggled and said,

“Jonathan” [the one on the left].

That’s not scary at all.

6. Last Saturday, Pat entered the living room wearing his tool belt.  Girl 2 exclaimed,

“Daddy!  You look like a MAN!”

Pat didn’t find this *quite* so hilarious as I did.


7. When your love language is acts of service, the best Valentine’s Day gift ever is a new bathroom ventilation fan.

I’m in love.

Happy weekend everyone.

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14 thoughts on “Splendid Saturdays

  1. I’m dying! Girl 1 is destined to marry a contractor. How great would that be for you?? And I love how your mid-century modern living room is looking! Our living room is in limbo right now and it’s kinda driving me nuts.

  2. Love the living room decor! And Jonathan? I think I prefer Drew. 😉 But really, I like that show a lot and always enjoy seeing how well they handle the crazies.

  3. I attached the hood to my coat for sledding and when Girl 2 saw it she said “Daddy, you look like a BOY!”. Last week I looked like a man, this week I look like a boy. …sigh…

  4. Love the comment about “acts of service” and the bathroom vent! My hubby’s is gifts, and he got me a new changing table. “I love you so much, here’s a brand new place to change baby poop.” He’s a sweatheart!

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