My first Stitch Fix!!!! {March 2015}

At last! / My StitchFix has/

come alo-ong/

my-ii nakey days/

are over . . . .


Only slightly.

My first Stitch Fix arrived Wednesday morning.  I had committed to working the whole day, and I forbade myself from opening the box until I finished my work.  That was motivation, let me tell you.

Aren’t they lovely?
Aren’t they won-der-fuh-ull?

I’ve been reading a lot about Stitch Fix.  It seems every blogger I follow is trying them.  (They have a good FAQ page describing the system here.  No need for me to rehash it here.}

I was very specific about what I wanted.  SF has you fill out a detailed “style profile,” detailing your size, body type, color preferences (I told them no black or gray), and style preferences.)  Also, they suggest you send them a link to a Pinterest board to give them a sense of your style.  I made one specifically for Stitch Fix, and you can see it here.

SF asks you what you’re looking for in each fix.  I told them I was mostly looking for a dress for Easter and another dressy occasion this Spring.  They delivered!  Five dresses–the stylist mentioned in her notes that it’s unusual for a Fix to have all dresses.  It worked for me, because until now I was down to two dresses and one skirt that fit me.

Y’all, I haven’t felt this good about how clothes look on me in a long time.

So, the keepers:

Carlita Multi Chevron Print Maxi Dress
by Loveappella
size Large $78

Carlita Multi Chevron Print Maxi Dress
by Loveappella size Large

I was pretty sure I’d get a maxi dress since I pinned a bunch of them.  I actually pinned this exact dress when I saw it on Stitch Fix’s blog.  Love.  Love!  And it’s made in the USA!

I’m taking it to a seamstress to have the crossover top tacked down, since Girl 2 tends to pull it open and expose my entire bra.  Also, it shows more skin in the back than I’m accustomed to wear to church,

Eh, maybe it’s not a big deal.  But anyway, this would work for church, as well as for the Fall:

My first Stitch Fix!

A white blazer or moto jacket or something would be more fun.  A denim jacket will work also.

Uttam Paddy Bird Print Faux Wrap Dress
UK size 14

My first Stitch Fix!

Uttam Paddy Bird Print Faux Wrap Dress
UK size 14

I mentioned to SF I’d like a wrap dress.  They sent me a faux wrap dress, which is probably better.

This dress makes me feel saucy.

My first Stitch Fix!

The pattern has green and orange birds.  I wouldn’t choose those colors myself, but the overall look is great.

My first Stitch Fix!

More than I’ve ever paid for a dress except my wedding dress, but I did get all my work done . . . so I’m keeping it.

The bottom half is pretty snug.  There’s no way I’m leaving the house in it without Spanx.  But that’s becoming my MO for more and more occasions lately.  {Shrug}

“You know I’d rather walk on my lips than to criticize anybody, but, Janice Van Meter.  . .  . I bet you money she’s paid five hundred dollars for that dress and don’t even bother to wear a girdle.” “Looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket.”

Hailey Geo Print Tie-Waist Dress by Ezra
Size L

My first Stitch Fix!

Hailey Geo Print Tie-Waist Dress by Ezra
Size L

I LOVE this one.  It’s lightweight and comfy.  I was thinking it would make a nice everyday dress (not clingy–I could skip the girdle!), then I saw the tag and

duhn, duhn DUHHHHHNNN


I know from sad, sad experience that when something is rayon and says dry clean only, it can shrink even if you hand wash it cold.  I will ask them, for next time, not to include anything that is dry clean only

But I love it and I think it will make a good Easter dress, and Pat likes it too.  Maybe Dryel will work?

My first Stitch Fix!

{Incidentally, he saw all the dresses spread out on the bed and was thrilled to see so much color.  I’ve been in a navy blue, black, and gray rut.}

Here are the dresses I’m sending back:

Harlowe Keyhole Dress
by Donna Morgan
size 12

My first Stitch Fix!

Harlowe Keyhole Dress
by Donna Morgan
size 12

This dress looks okay in this one picture–and it has pockets!–but it’s not flattering from any other angle, or in real life.

Me: “This color is kind of . . .”

Pat: “loud”

Me: ” . . . sexy Grandma.”

Besides fitting poorly, it feels a little too Junior League (apologizes to any Junior Leaguers reading this!).  I just think . . .

The Help movie Junior League


Neel V-Neck Dress
by Uttam
Size Large


My first Stitch Fix!

Neel V-Neck Dress
by Uttam
Size Large

It looks okay from this one angle (how’ya like my skinny shoulder pose?), but I’ll spare you the shot of the cool back-zipper and uncool, very visible back fat.  Pass!

. . . .

On the whole, I am hooked! The stylist who picked my fix is Jennifer, and I hope she chooses my next!  Some bloggers I’ve read buy all their clothes this way, and I must say it sounds tempting.

Stitch Fix is in no way sponsoring this post.  But, if you’d like to try them out, please use my affiliate link and I’ll be your best friend . . . also, I’ll get a $25 credit.  🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

34 thoughts on “My first Stitch Fix!!!! {March 2015}

  1. Love your picks! Do you have an open-weave or lace cardigan you can wear with the maxi dress? That’s what I do with mine for Mass in the summer – it adds almost no heat but I feel covered enough. You’re probably fine without (especially if your church gets hot!!!), but just a thought 🙂

    I’m so torn on whether I want to try Stitch Fix or not… I like taking lots of time to online shop, and I feel like there’s no way they could find me enough nursing-friendly outfits. Maybe somebody will give me a bunch of money and I can try it out 😛

    • I don’t have an open-weave cardigan, but I agree that would be perfect. . . . Well, you could tell them you’re nursing and see what they could do. Both the maxi dress and the faux wrap dress I got would work for nursing. (And I think they have petites now.) As for the $$ well . . . . If you order through my affiliate link perhaps we could arrange a kickback??

    • Oh Cristina, I’m so out of it . . . I don’t know what you mean by CFO. 🙂

      And thanks re: the last two. Unfortunately, they had really, really unflattering rear views. Huge rolls above the waistband of my *foundation garment*. 😛 It would take super ultra strength full body spanx to make them work.

  2. Love it! I love all your picks, but it’s too bad that the Harlow keyhole dress didn’t work out because the color is smashing on you. I would try to find a blouse of the same color. 🙂 I think my favorite is the maxi dress and in general I’m not a maxi dress fan. It’s just so flattering! And speaking of flattering, your haircut is perfect.

  3. That maxi looks fabulous!! I think all the other dresses look great, too- soo tempted to try stitch fix out…
    Also, * cue* “I like that old time rock n’ roll!”

  4. You’re back. FINALLY! And so glad you delivered! Really glad SF was a smashing success! And let me say two things — be your liberated no more dress code self and wear that dress with your back uncovered. At least once. 😉 Secondly, I LOVE it with the belted blazer. BaHAM!! Third, that wrap bird dress makes you look BOSS (in a sexy good way). And fourth, I would just go on and on if I commented about everything else. 🙂

  5. Ok. So what did you end up keeping? I’m so confused!
    But seriously, these are all so awesome and I have the worst time finding dresses that fit and I’ve spent so much time looking. I wish Stitch Fix worked in Canada because I’d be all over it!! I think you have to get the first two. And the last one. You look so good in all these colours!

  6. Those look simply amazing on you! I really liked all the jewelry you paired with everything too. There has been a lot about stitch fix out there in bloggerland lately, and although I love to shop the actual stores and try things on, I’m thinking with #2 coming I won’t have as much time. So, I’ve been thinking about trying them out. I’ll definitely use your link if I take the plunge 🙂

  7. I forgot they’re not a recurring commitment. I mean, you can do a one time SF order and not regularly subscribe. Maybe I’ll use them to get some pants. I love hands-on shopping, but I’d rather spend my time doing fun shopping and not on-a-mission-for-specific-item shopping. Blah.

  8. I’ll have to take your word for it that some of the dresses don’t look good, cause they all look great to me! So happy you found some beautiful dresses you like. Can’t decide on a favorite, you look lovely in all the colors!

  9. I did order via your link but do not remember putting in a code… you caught me at a weak moment, two glasses of wine😇🍷 I’m really looking forward to what SF comes up with. Want to be sure you receive credit!

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