The Tiny Documentary and Unfulfilled Childhood

It’s a little . . . dangerous?  presumptuous?  arrogant? judgmental? . . . yes, judgmental . . . to write about what you think is wrong about someone else.  But if the person made a documentary about himself and publicized it to the world does that make it less bad?  If you think so, you can read my thoughts on the documentary, Tiny: A Story About Living Small over at the Mirror.

3 thoughts on “The Tiny Documentary and Unfulfilled Childhood

  1. Well put Laura! I find that so much of what adults do (myself included) is done in reaction against their experiences in childhood. Even the type of pasta I prefer is affected by my childhood experiences (Penne, Rigatoni, Farfalle, good Lord, ANYTHING BUT SPAGHETTI!) But I think you are right, that the key is to recognize what those hang-ups are, work through them and move on. Otherwise, you end up 35, or even 65 years old and blaming your idiosyncrasies and dysfunctions on the childhood you finished living decades before.
    That being said, just gazing at the front of his house makes me want to pitch every toy we have!

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