What We Wore Sunday

Plus thoughts on the Latin Mass and Lilly Pulitzer:

The past two Sundays, we’ve taken very seriously the idea of Sunday as a day of rest.  One parent gets up with the girls while the other sleeps in, then when the sleeper-in parent awakes, the other parent goes back to bed for a nap.  When we’re both up, we all take our time eating lunch and getting ready for the afternoon Spanish mass.  It feels more pious to get up and go to Mass early, but I tell you what–the past two Sundays have been very restorative.   (So much so that I’m up on  monday morning typing this before 7 a.m.)

I don’t love going to Mass in Spanish, but our parish is funny.  If you don’t make it to Mass by 8:30 a.m., your choices are two Latin masses and the Spanish mass.

We never make it to 8:30.

Latin is the universal language of the Church, etc. etc. but if my kids go to any other Catholic church anywhere in the country, there’s a 99% chance Mass is going to be in English, and they’re not going to know the responses.  still don’t know all the new translation responses by heart.  It’s embarrassing.  . . . Well, maybe there’s a 90% chance Mass at any other parish will be in English, and 9% chance it will be in Spanish.  So going to the Spanish mass has its advantages, I guess.  Anyway, as long as 1:30-3:30 a.m. remain the waking/witching/bitching hours in our house, early Mass is not an option.

So anyway, here’s what I wore—a dress I got in my first Stitch Fix.

Here’s what the girls wore:  

     I’ve watched with some interest the Target/Lilly Pulitzer collection, and the response thereto.  (I may even have grabbed a few items left on Target’s racks for resale on an inflated price on eBay.  Maybe.  I’ll never tell.)

I’ve had a mild fascination with Lilly P. for a long time.  Ever since I heard about it from a fellow law student during a summer internship.  She was from a totally different social echelon than I and she did not hide the fact.  We were discussing this hoity toity party we’d both been to and she was like, “I was surprised there weren’t more Lilly Pulitzers.”  I–and another intern of humble lineage–were like “What’s Lilly Pulitzer?”

And she was like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe you haven’t heard of Lilly Pulitzer!”

So Lilly P. seemed to me to represent this whole other type of life–it does–that I don’t really aspire to (I really don’t) but it still fascinates me.  It’s very “other,” as my Mom would say.

And now I dress my girls in it.  Ironically.  From Goodwill and Ebay.  That’s totally normal and healthy.  Right.  But anyway they like it.

I’m linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday (finally!  It’s been so long!).  Have a lovely week!

15 thoughts on “What We Wore Sunday

  1. You’ve become a hipster Mommy ;).

    I think it’s awesome that your kids go to Spanish Mass. So many churches (especially in the South) are race and culture segregated! I feel your pain on not knowing responses though. The Episcopal church has Rite I (traditional) and Rite II (“newer” – written in 1979). The first Episcopal church I joined was Rite I, but most are Rite II, so I’m constantly getting confused.

    • The Spanish-speaking and English-speaking contingents of our parish seem pretty segregated. But we *are * all one parish so that’s something. And there are enough other gringos that come to the Spanish mass that we don’t feel too out of place.

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  2. Oh Lilly. I was introduced to Lilly Pullitzer in college and it wasn’t until after graduation that I fully understood how out of my league I was at my private Southern school. My original impression was just confusion. Didn’t those girls know you don’t wear pink/orange/yellow dresses with a tropical flower motif in October? Of course I didn’t realize at the time that the point of a Lilly dress is to make sure everyone knows you’re wearing a Lilly dress….even from across the quad. I agree with that article, Lilly is definitely selling something you can’t buy. We’ll something I can’t buy anyway 🙂

    • Probably better that you didn’t realize it until after graduation. 😉 although I’m quite sure that in every way that matters, you were above and beyond that league. … And I liked that Atlantic article bc it put into words the vague impressions I had. … I’ve never been in close contact with Lilly circles so it’s been all vague impressions. … I still like some of her dresses though. … A few.

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  3. I think Latin Novus Ordo is my favorite, but there really aren’t many parishes that offer it! I’ve never been able to fully comprehend the Latin Mass – we didn’t start dabbling in it until I was pregnant with John Paul, so mostly I felt like I was going to pass out from all the extra kneeling and standing and ended up having to go lie down in the back of the church or in the cry room on several occasions… Then after that I always had a baby and/or a toddler to keep me from following along in the missal. It’s just not one of those things you can pick up on your own! I think I’d feel differently if I had been raised on it, but like you I also think it’s important for the kids to know the proper English responses, too! We’ll see where we end up and all that, but I don’t think I see our family exclusively attending EF Masses either…

  4. I’d never heard of Lilly Pulitzer until I started following the Classy Girls Wear Pearls blog, but I eventually stopped following it because, holy ridiculous! The dresses you scored for you girls are cute, though!

  5. Haha, I’d never heard of LP until a few years ago but had no idea it was such a…culture? And, wow, the backlash from some people because of the Target collaboration is eye-opening! Audrey has a hand-me-down LP skort which I think is cute, and I wouldn’t mind buying more of those prints if I found them cheap enough second-hand, although that might make Lilly P. roll her eyes in her grave. 😉
    Anyways, you look great in that dress, Laura! And my family started going to the Latin Novus Ordo when I was maybe 10 and was also learning Latin in school, so that kind of helped. BUT I cannot for the life of me imagine taking my girls to that mass every week and having that end well- it would be a struggle for sure.

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