Sushi and Speedblogging

I think the only way to get out of this writing slump I’m in is to get back to writing whatever’s on the top of my head.


{Here I’m tempted to insert some sort of apology but watch me resist!}

Here’s the girls’ and my dinner from tonight.


Of course I’m being snarky and reverse-snobbish because it’s like the worst-looking food photography ever.  But I enjoyed it–just discovered I can get a bunch of freshly-made sushi rolls from a local restaurant for under $10.  The girls didn’t want to try it.  Their loss. (They got cheese roll-ups, black olives, tortilla chips and cheese dip.)  I can’t tell you how much self-control it took to leave half 8/18ths of the rolls for Pat.


Just realized that paragraph made it sound like all I had for dinner was 10 California rolls.


That absolutely is not the case.

In other news, I let a Kirby saleswoman into the house yesterday.  I’m a sucker for offers of a free floor-cleaning.  Two awkward hours later, I resisted the sales pitch and my floors were a lot cleaner.  It convinced me I should get a new vacuum cleaner.  I’m just not going to spend four figures on it.  . . . I used to get all optimistic whenever I saw a cleaning product demonstration.  “Maybe if I just get the right product, I’ll do more cleaning.”  Fortunately, I learned my lesson with the $100 Norwex mop, leaving me wiser and prepared when the $3,000 wonder-vac came to my door.

Also, the girls and I had a nice playground outing this afternoon.  The weather is lovely today.


Have a lovely Wednesday evening.  The work week is halfway over!

3 thoughts on “Sushi and Speedblogging

  1. It is THE BEST weather today! This is what I wish the weather were always like, although then I suppose I wouldn’t appreciate it anymore… More of this spring, please!

  2. O.K. fess up; where is the sushi place? If we ever have a serious financial crisis in our family, it will be because of sushi. Sooooo good, yet so pricey! You would think that NOT cooking the fish would make it less expensive…there is no justice in the world.

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