Friday link love

Some serious, most not . . . .

I’m coming across news articles and little tidbits I want to discuss with you, but I never remember them. . . . Until now.  I really hope these links work.  Let me know if they don’t work.

1. This article is about a young woman who was diagnosed with autism at age 21. **The Wall Street Journal link isn’t working–here’s another article about the same person**   Because she was “high functioning,” it took until college for someone to figure out what was going on.  She describes feeling relieved at the diagnosis, because she no longer feels a need to strain to be normal.  . . . It’s a tricky thing because of course a parent does want his kid to have autism, but you want your kid to have all the resources she can. . . . AT the same time, with 1 in 68 people having autism, is it really a disorder?  Or, at higher-functioning levels is it more a personality type?  And does that distinction matter?

2.. Ann Taylor is being bought out by the company that owns DressBarn.  Weird.  I like reading the Wall Street Journal business section from time to time because it’s fun to learn what’s going on behind the scenes at stores where I shop.  (The full text of the WSJ article isn’t available online, so I’m linking to a different article.)

3. The percentage of African-Americans in law enforcement has remained flat since 2007.  With this and all the related news about the Baltimore riots, etc. etc. . . . it’s so frustrating . . . It’s like no one cares about black men until they get shot by the police.   So many black young people–males especially–are on a life course that’s fundamentally at odds with the law.  And it happens in childhood and many barely have a choice.   And all the hiring quotas and body cameras and police training and whatnot in the world isn’t going to change that.  There’s going to be a tension between young black men and the law so long as so many of them have no real lawful options in life.  Could someone out there talk about this please?

4. On a lighter note, I’m thinking a lot about moving soon and what I’ll do differently.  When I arrange and set up and decorate whatever our next house is, I’m focusing on furniture and window coverings, then rugs and wall hangings, and only after that all the knickknacks.  With the current house, I’ve constantly moved mantle decorations and pictures around, never getting the result I wanted because my curtains and furniture sucked.  . ..  Anyway, I was thinking about all this and then later that day I read a post from The Nester on the exact same point.  . . .This stuff doesn’t come naturally to me but I’m learning! . . . Still, the Nester decorates with a lot more knickknacks than I prefer.  Her pictures make me feel a little crowded.

5. A year or two ago I polled you guys about flesh-toned pantyhose.  Guess what?  They’re officially “back.” Ellen called it: Princess Kate can do no sartorial wrong.

6. I am loving, loving the Bossa Nova station on Pandora.  It’s soothing and at the same time it makes me feel like I’m in an Audrey Hepburn movie.

7. Click over to Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum for more quick takes.  Happy weekend!

P.S.  Girl 1 just informed me, “When I grow up I’m going to have five twins!  . . . Their names are going to be Carlos, Carlos, Peg, and Meg!”

8 thoughts on “Friday link love

  1. Nude hose…not that I’m sad to see them come back, but people need to use discretion, dangit. None of this Hooters girl nonsense.

    I really wanted to read that article on Autism, but it’s behind a paywall. Dang you WSJ.

    Is it bad that now I look at Ann Taylor totally differently? I would never shop in a dress barn, but I always love Ann Taylor (and Loft too). Now I’m wondering how their aesthetic is going to change with being bought out…but I’m sure it’ll be for the better, since they’re not doing a ton of business. What does it say about me that I’ve loved Ann Taylor and TALBOTS since I was a teen? Oh yes, I was born an old preppy lady.

  2. So many interesting articles! Hooray for nude hose! And I couldn’t read the autism article either, but I agree with your take on high functioning autism being more about personality. I think we (parents and educators) tend to jump to diagnose quirky kids, and we come from a good place of wanting to make sure these kids get what they need, but it doesn’t always benefit the kids.

  3. Okay, the Dress Barn takeover really worries me. Not the company I would think of as an appropriate parent company for Ann Taylor. I’ve had a lot of success at Ann Taylor this season for work clothes. I really hope this doesn’t change anything at the store.

    • I know! I had the same thought. Granted, I haven’t been in a dress barn or any of their other stores in years. So I don’t know what they look like now or how similar they all are.

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  4. For decorating you have to read “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. And then think of the most important wall/room in your whole house and put your favorite wall art/rug/furniture there. I did that with my new house and the front room looks perfect, the family room has no decor but throw pillows and a picture of Mary (from Italy)–but still looks nice because of the layout, and then I decorated my daughter’s room (queen bed) for her and guests. People always comment on how great the house looks but I used all existing decor and the rooms they don’t see (and I don’t see much) are bare which is fine for now! 🙂

  5. I hope to move soon, too, Laura. I’m determined to do *something* and just keep moving through it as we find what works. That’s got to be better than not doing much at all for ten years. (!!!)

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