Friday Link Love May 29, 2015: Shoeties and More!

1. Apparently one of the secrets of longevity and health is to . . . eat more beans and walk a lot and live in community. This short article about the living habits of people in areas, like Sardinia, with very high longevity made me want to read the author’s book on the same subject, The Blue Zone Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People.

It also made me think that our American obsession with diet and exercise is so ridiculous.  Drinking shakes and counting calories and doing workouts are not really hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle.  They’re substitutions that might help–maybe–when we can’t live an actually healthy lifestyle.  (Says me, for whom shakes and the gym would be a huge improvement from the status quo.)

via the Wall Street Journal

2.  This article cracked me up.  The title is No More Ballet Flats: Summer Shoes for Work: Designer Ruthie Davis favors colorful looks but doesn’t sacrifice comfort.  These are the photos attached to the article:

via the Wall Street Journal

via the Wall Street Journal

If there’s a single comfortable anything in either picture, I can’t find it.  Maybe her watch.

Also, the lady in the article is fond of the “shoetie,” a cross between a bootie and a shoe, like the shoe on the bottom right in the second picture.  “She likes that most styles have a zipper in the back of the heel, making the shoe fairly easy to slip on and off. ‘You’ve got some coverage but there’s an open-toe aspect so there is breathability.'”

I can’t think of anything worse than a shootie.

3. The Magnificat recently had this passage written by Saint Philip Neri:

To preserve our cheerfulness amid sickness and troubles is a sign of a right and good spirit.  A man should not ask tribulations of God . . . he who bears what God send him daily does not do a small thing.

I’m thinking about this today, since the girls have been puking all day, and Pat and I are feeling puny too.

I’m just going to have to leave off with three quick takes for this week.  Click over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for more.  Have a happy weekend!

9 thoughts on “Friday Link Love May 29, 2015: Shoeties and More!

  1. I love these things! Thank you especially for sharing the article about healthy living and community. As a mid-twenties woman who has moved around a lot in the past few years, I so strongly desire to just plop down and be firmly planted in one place. I yearn for the day when the whole neighborhood and community can count on one another to help in times of need. This article only increases my desire for that. So thank you for sharing this.. helps me see where I can be a better neighbor to those in my close proximity 🙂

    • I hope you find a great community, Kelsey, to plant roots in! We are blessed to live in one, and it’s wonderful. . . . The people are great. Our lifestyle, though, is not quite as healthy as say, Sardinia. We have to drive to most places, except the Dunkin Donuts. And I’m not so sure how much it helps our health to walk to the Dunkin Donuts. 😉

  2. Her watch! I’m dying! Because yes, who wouldn’t want to work all day in those giant heels??
    Puke is always a tribulation. Hope things clear up quick!

  3. I read #1 and looked at the picture and thought, “Sensible shoes go a long way too!” Then I read #2 right below it….and laughed.
    Community? What is that? I’m in my 33rd neighborhood of my life – – 14th state….fourth country…

  4. My friend read The Blue Zone Solution. It was all she could talk about for months. You are correct though. Every time I force my overweight body to run I think to myself about how I wouldn’t have to do it at all if my life involved a little more hard labor, my grocery budget was a little more meager, and my hormones were a little less out of whack.
    Those shoes! Ugh! I will stick with my ballet flats and granny wedges!
    I hope you and the rest of your family feels better soon!

  5. Will read that fest article ASAP. and I saw the shoetie article in today’s WSJ and immediately moved on to something else. Agree. They’re hideous and they can’t be anything BUT uncomfortable.

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