Stitch Fix #2: Maternity Edition {June 2015–early second trimester}

Stitch Fix#2-  Maternity Edition, early 2nd trimester,

One win and four near misses.

Oh Stitch Fix, it’s not you; it’s me.

I asked for some casual maternity wear for this summer–some tops, plus some shorts, linen pants, or casual skirts.  No jeans.  No dry clean only.

They delivered!  They really did!

It’s just their casual isn’t my casual. And I should have added “no hand-wash only.”  And sometimes things just don’t fit.

stitch fix, Pale Sky blottie Pleated Maternity Blouse,

Robbie Jogger Pants, Linen/tencel/spandex blend, size large (non maternity), by Level 99 (similar)

Lottie Pleated Maternity Blouse by Pale Sky, size large (similar) (similar in purple)

[ Also: Stefano Furiani ballet flats from Crocs]

Verdict:  Returning both.

Love the look of this outfit, but the blouse is 100% rayon and hand wash only.  I just wasn’t feeling it $68 worth.

Also love the look of the pants.  But they are uncomfortably snug in the legs, don’t stretch much, and are too low in the rise.  Too bad.

stitch fix, LA made maternity Kaitel boyfriend tank and Level 99 Robbie Jogger Pant,

Kaitel Maternity Boyfriend Tank, by LA Made Maternity, size large

(because this is just exactly what my boyfriend wears when he’s pregnant)

Robbie Jogger Pants, size large (non maternity), by Level 99 (similar)

Verdict:  This looks better in the picture than I thought it did in person.  The colors are too pale for me, and the tank is $58 –too much for this style.  It’s rayon/spandex blend . . . hand wash only.  Wop wop.  Made in the USA though!  Click on my link above to get a similar style from LA Made Maternity, via Amazon, in solid colors, for much less $$.

stitch fix, Daniel Rainn Carrieann crochet detail tie-neck top,

Carrieann Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Top, size large (non maternity) (similar) (similar . . . even better)

Verdict:  Return.  This top is lovely.  Not my usual style but lovely.  It has an attached cami underneath, though, which is too fussy and hot for the summer everyday for me.  And I don’t need a dressy blouse.  Also . . . hand wash.  😛

Stitch fix Gilli Alina Geo Print Maxi skirt ~

Alina Mixed Geo Print Maxi Skirt by Gilli, size large (non maternity)

Cap sleeve linen tee from LOFT, size large (non maternity)

Necklace from Amazima Ministries, gift from my sister

Verdict: Keep!  It’s weird because, looking at the pictures, I realize this is the least flattering outfit of them all. The loose and flowy thing isn’t my favorite look.  But I feel put together, if not especially attractive.

However, the skirt is versatile and comfortable.  It has a foldover panel that makes it pregnancy-adaptable, even though it’s not a maternity item. It also has an attached half slip, which is nice because the fabric is a little see-through.  . . . I’ve already worn it at least three times in the six days I’ve had it.  And the $58 price tag is reasonable enough.


When I think casual wear, mentally I always ask, “Will I feel comfortable wearing this at the playground on a hot and muggy day?”  Only the tank top (and, just barely the skirt) passed the test.  But the tank is too expensive and not a great color.

I wish more items worked out, but trying on these pieces helped me clarify what I’m looking for for my summer maternity “uniform”:

I feel an online shopping binge coming on.  Right now, for hot weather wear, I have just a few tops, the maxi skirt and dress, my now-too-snug Athleta skorts, and some yoga pants. . . . I’ve been wearing yoga pants way too much.  And anyway it’s too hot for yoga pants.  So some more shopping is justified right?  That’s right.

I’m thinking when the weather cools down, I might order another Stitch Fix to get some maternity long pants and long-sleeve tops and sweaters.  For now I’m heading to the wilds of internet commerce on my own. Stay tuned.

And thanks to all of you who have ordered through my referral link to Stitch Fix!  The credit I’ve earned has paid for my skirt and will pay for future items.  I truly appreciate it!

19 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #2: Maternity Edition {June 2015–early second trimester}

  1. Frustrating on the hand-wash front! Ain’t nobody got time for that! The maxi is great though – once you’re showing more I bet it’ll look good paired with more fitted tops. I like the part of pregnancy where I’m obviously enough pregnant that I can wear fitted shirts again without feeling pudgy 😉 Or maybe with a flower top belted above the bump?

  2. It’s too bad about the first top and ill-fitting pants, they looked good! But the skirt is fun too, and a maxi skirt is a must in pregnancy. I’m not a big maxi skirt/dress fan myself, but they are clutch in hot weather, especially when you’re pregnant. Speaking of maternity wardrobes, I highly recommend the Blanqi bodystyler. They pull everything in and support it all just perfectly. I thought I would stop wearing mine at the end when it got hot but I needed to wear it! Plus, it stayed long enough to hold up rogue maternity pants and even non maternity that I managed to wear in the end (unzipped). I think it’s worth the investment.

  3. Ok… my two cents… really like the first outfit!!! Personally think you should keep it and just “make it work”. I am also very impractical so take it with a grain of salt… 😉
    Maternity spanx for under dresses etc are really great. I am 31 weeks now and I wear them under all my dresses!! Also, eBay saved my life this pregnancy. There are some really great brands out there for maternity for so cheap on eBay! Check out brands: Maternal America, Olian, Japanese Weekend, Rosie Pope, and Nicole Michelle.

  4. There are no guarantees, of course, but I frequently was hand-wash only items in a delicates bag in the washer on a delicate cycle in cool water. Successful more often than not.

    • Me too! In fact, I think the maxi skirt is hand wash only. But it’s polyester/ spandex and I’m sure it will do fine with a delicate wash and a drip dry. . . . I’ve had my heart broken with 100% rayon things before though.

  5. I get ya on the hand wash only front..but that first outfit is smashing! The maxi skirt/shirt combo is beautiful, you wear blues really well. Congratulations!! Yay! 🙂

  6. They all look really cute on you, but I understand sending them back. Handwashing? Ain’t nobody got time for dat! I am in super low maintenance mode for clothes so anything requiring frequent ironing is out as well. Glad you had something that worked in your fix!

  7. Bummer about the hand wash only-s, but I love the print of the skirt you kept! I just had an online shopping binge a couple of weeks ago for some summer clothes but am really pleased with my summer wardrobe and can use the tops in multiple seasons, so justified by cohesion and cost per wear, I say. 😉

  8. I’m with all of you on the hand-wash thing. Nonono! I think you look great in the first outfit, and I LOVE the last one!

  9. “(because this is just exactly what my boyfriend wears when he’s pregnant)” My reaction to that was something like “Bwa-ha-ha-ha *snort*” Thanks for the laugh. Yes, I’ve also come across “boyfriend” items in women’s wear that make me think that there is no way Ben would have worn that at all, for that matter.

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