Friday Link Love June 12, 2015 {Doritos Locos and other edifying subjects}

Some quick links and thoughts on this Friday night.  The first is serious; the rest are light and fluffy.

1. I was touched by Saint* Pope Francis’s recent words about the heroic love of family members who care for sick loved ones.  First I thought–of course– of myself . .. and Pat . . . and how hard it is to care for the girls with their sporadic, cough-variant asthma.  They have so many nights of intermitable coughing during cold and flu season; winter is a cold, cold hell for us.

Then I thought–wow–the pope’s words really really apply to my parents, who are taking care of my aunt as she undergoes cancer treatment.  They, and my uncle, also are caring for my 94-year-old grandmother, who is in a gradual, painful decline and is now bedridden.  We’ve been expecting the end for months now.  My uncle lives with her and takes painstaking care of her full time.  My dad spends many nights over there so my uncle can get some sleep, since my grandmother is restless and needs constant care throughout the night. . . . And this all comes not long after the years my parents cared for my other grandmother; she died in their home three years ago.

They’ve all been on my mind a lot lately.  I’m a thousand miles away and don’t know what I can do.

*So embarrassing.  I have such a hard time catching my own typos.

2. Something else that’s been on my mind is Taco Bell.  Mmm, Baby #3 loves taco bell.  My frequent visits there reminded me of this article, about why food that’s bad for us tastes so good.  [If the link doesn’t work, backdoor your way in by searching Google News for “Taste the Science in Every bite”.]

I’m tasting that science! I’m tasting it in every bite, baby.                                                image credit

The article discussed the Doritos Locos tacos and how popular they are and–let me tell you–that’s no surprise.  They are delicious.  Delicious.  So good.

3. By the way, Girl 1 has taken to being scared to be in her room at night, every night, at any point of the night, starting at bedtime, even with the light on and door open.  I told her tonight about her guardian angel.  We discussed and she pondered for the last hour.  She just now announced she is scared of angels and doesn’t want one in her room.  So much for that.  I told her she could politely ask her angel to leave the room and I’m sure the angel would oblige.

4. My bloggy friend Sarah Isis is such a fashionable pregnant lady, isn’t she?  Next week, I’ll be linking up with her “23 questions” link up, posting my girls’ answers to 23 questions about their mom [me].

~ Ha!  I just realized that the idea is to ask the questions about Daddy and post for father’s day.  Oh well.  I’ll do the one about me for a late mother’s day post and then one where I ask them about Pat in time for Father’s Day. ~

My kids’ answers were quite amusing.  If you’re inclined you should link up too, especially if you’ve already asked your kids the questions (*ahem* Marti Oram, once you’re feeling better).

5. My new bloggy crush is Erica at Thrift Flipper.  She’s paying off her student loans by scouring thrift stores for fashion finds and reselling them on eBay.  I started doing this–on an extremely small scale–about a year ago.  I enjoy cheap retail therapy so much that when I find a great deal, even if my family and I can’t use it, I have to buy it.

My $5-snakeskin-Manolo-Blahnik-find story is one I’ll probably be telling my grandchildren.  Kind of like an old fisherman’s tale. Except they didn’t get away.  Maybe I should have had them stuffed and mounted to hang on the wall.  But then I couldn’t have resold them. For $50.  Anyway . . .

Enter eBay, by which my hobby at least pays for itself and a little more.  So anyway, when I found Erica’s blog I was like, “There’s someone else out there who does this!  And she seems normal!”

6. I had some other links to share with you but I’ve misplaced them now.

7. Have a lovely weekend!  Click over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for more quick takes.

10 thoughts on “Friday Link Love June 12, 2015 {Doritos Locos and other edifying subjects}

  1. For #1 I think sometimes prayers are all that one can offer in those situations- at least that’s all I can think of. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home about 1 hr. 1/2+ away. My mom goes to visit him often and I feel SO guilty that I haven’t seen him since my grandma’s funeral (after that he went downhill fast), but my mom says he doesn’t even know her and not to worry about visiting. I feel so awful, I mean- he’s still my grandpa, but with 3 little kids I don’t know how/ when I’d make the drive and then it would prob. be a short visit…so I can think to do is pray. And about your parents- wow, that is truly heroic love! Such a testament to the Gospel.
    Also, what a thrift find! That IS a story for the grandchildren. Once I found a Michael Kors top for 50 cents and consigned it for 12ish dollars. I felt like I’d struck gold! One man’s trash…;)

  2. I am honored to have made a Quick Take–thank you! (And, “normal” might be a stretch, but I’d hate to burst your bubble…)

    Those were some beautiful thoughts from our Pope. I honestly am in denial that my parents will ever need to be cared for long-term. All of my grandparents died fairly suddenly of illness in the hospital, so I’ve never “seen” the elderly cared for in a truly dignified, family-oriented way. I will say a prayer for your aunt and grandmother, and everyone taking care of them today.

  3. Been wondering what being home for a month will be like as I will see first hand what mom and dad are doing for grandma and Aunt S. Hoping I can be of some help.

    Aaaaaaand Taco Bell. Yes. Heeeello. That was my more frequent go-to the first trimester and Jacob just didn’t get it. He doesn’t like TB at all so when I was like “Tacos please” he was baffled. Once I could start cooking again guess what’s been on the menu frequently? Yup. Tacos. Not the same but I feel less guilty about it and Jacob enjoys it more than the fast food option. 🙂

  4. I much prefer a Chalupa to a Doritos Locos myself, but I also try to avoid the place like I avoid Nutella. I just can’t go there if I want to still fit in my pants!

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