Friday Quick Takes: Lots of New Additions!

And lots of blue, because . . .

1. We are having a BOY!

2. We bought a HOUSE!  Closed this morning.

3. We also recently got a RABBIT, our first family pet (and she’s very much alive–ha ha . . .)

The girls LOVE the bunny.  The bunny tolerates the girls.

The girls LOVE the bunny. The bunny tolerates the girls.

4. There’s a bunch of work we* need to do on the house before we move in.  Right now, it’s full of potential, and I’m dreaming of white walls with wood  accents and lots of light and space.  Ahhh, space.

* We = Pat.

5. I’m 100% absolutely positively sure our house soon will look like this:

via Pinterest

6. Right now, it’s looking more like this:

IMG_8904 IMG_8906


Not kind of like this.  Exactly like this.  As in, this is the house we bought today.  I now own a blue toilet and shower.  And lots of potential.

7.  Have a lovely weekend. Click over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for more quick takes.

24 thoughts on “Friday Quick Takes: Lots of New Additions!

    • Tee hee. The girls already love the blue toilet. I haven’t had the heart to tell them it’s coming out. . . . Or maybe it won’t come out. We’ll see how far we get on the to-do list!

  1. Congratulations on a boy! 🙂

    Congratulations on a new house!

    Ah, the blue bathroom. We lived for three years with a bathroom that was a combination of black, seagreen, and peach (with a white bath and white toilet & sink). Seriously, the border along the bottom of the wall was black tile, there were seagreen tiles on 2/3rds of the wall and inside the bath was a large peach rectangle. I found out I was expecting Abby after the tile bugged me so much I was pretty much ready to pry it off with a butter knife. Pregnancy did that to me.

  2. Congratulations on the new house and good luck with the move!
    I’m sure you will be an amazing mom to your little boy just as you are to your young ladies.

  3. Wow! Congratulations on all counts! Welcome to the world of boys. 😉 Good luck getting the house ready! I hope all goes as smoothly as possible!

  4. We had carpet like that in our house growing up! And our bathtub & toilet & sink were all green 🙂 It was so awful – I’m looking forward to what you guys do with this place. And congratulations!!!

  5. A boy! Fun! Congratulations on the new house! The bunny is cute. I can imagine how excited your girls were to get her. It seems every girl I knew when I was a child wanted a rabbit, but only a few girls were lucky enough to get one. 🙂

  6. Yay, Laura, congrats! And whatever you do with the toilet make sure there is a tight seal between the base and the floor now that you have a little boy on the way 😉

  7. Congratulations! There is certainly a lot of potential there! We had similar carpeting in a home when I was growing up too–except a tad oranger and also more luxuriously shaggy 🙂

  8. yay! a boy to join your lovely girls! congrats 🙂
    Also…. don’t worry, we also have a baby blue tiled bathroom upstairs. It was painted white by the previous owners. The white is peeling off and the old baby blue is showing. oh my… bathroom reno’s. That’s our next project, amongst other things.
    Congrats on the house!

  9. Yay, boy! I was so excited to get a boy after just having girls — it is a whole new experience! Mine may be a teensy bit mothered to death by the big sisters? haha At least his boyness still comes out in the traditional construction vehicles interests along with his consent to join ballet shows and wear necklaces. 😉 Congrats on the house too!

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