That’s My Bag–Quick Takes August 7, 2015

Mom Bag contents

Contents include: Eyeglasses case, wallet, Vinylux nail polish top coat, Tootsie Roll pop wrapper, two nail clippers, two pair tweezers, two Cover Girl concealers, two lipsticks, one Burt’s Bees lip gloss in Rose, hand sanitizer, fake flower, plastic flower ring, perfume sample, hand lotion sample, moisturizing oil sample, “Z” cut-out from library story time craft, one pair socks, two checkbooks (one from account that had been closed), advertisement for a kids’ play on dinosaurs, half-eaten bagel, Wall Street Journal, Kindle, and a Target receipt.

  1. Remember that “what’s in your purse” thing that was going popular with a lot of blogs a year or two ago?  A few days ago it occurred to me that I won at that game because I–no joke–had a bottle of champagne in my purse for most of the day.  Just toting it around like a boss, along with 1233267809 items of crap.

2. I would love to figure out an outfit I could wear every day for a year.  Maybe when I’m not pregnant, not postpartum, and not gaining weight for no discernable reason?

3. I got an email from one of our babysitters last week and it made my day week month year:

Hi Mrs. ————-,
I feel badly that there are times that I am not doing anything, when you are paying me, since the girls are so well-behaved. Is there something else that I could be doing for you, such as laundry, making dinners, etc.? I really want to be helpful. See you tomorrow

Apparently my little brats darlings are good for people, just not good for Pat and me.  . . . If you live in my area and are looking for a babysitter, I might just share this young lady’s info.  But only if you can convince me you won’t woo her away from me.

4. Speaking of Pat, he’s been working his tail off–every moment he’s not working his actual job–on the house.  Funny how little things–things that are !just cosmetic! we assured ourselves at the outset–end up taking days and days and days.  Like painting the whole. dang. house.

5. We’ve made a lot of progress though.  For one thing: we unfinished the finished basement!  Woohoo!


IMG_8918 IMG_8919


IMG_8949 IMG_8950

Kind of ironic right?

The thing is, along with the paneling and the nasty carpet, a lot of surface mold was removed by professional mold-remover people.  So, truly, it is progress.

6. P.S. I’m glad I’m not British, because I have enough trouble with U.S.-style small talk.  This is yet another reason I can look on Her Royal Highness Practically Perfect In Every Way without a twinge of jealousy because she does small talk for a living.  I’m really glad I don’t have to.

7.  Check in with This Ain’t’ the Lyceum for more quick take posts.  Happy weekend!


Princess Dizzy, our rabbit, bids you good night.

13 thoughts on “That’s My Bag–Quick Takes August 7, 2015

  1. A few things: 1. That’s a beautiful eyeglass case. Wood?! Faux wood? Doesn’t really matter. 2. Champagne in the purse WHILE pregnant? You da man. 😉 3. The basement looks so CLEAN now! Go Pat go! Really wish we could’ve seen the house while we were up there. 4. Please send your babysitter to Texas. 5. Your admiration for the duchess is slowly starting to infect me. I never had anything against her but I was never terribly woo’d by her but after seeing the pictures from baby Charlotte’s christening I began to understand.


    • The case actually is the standard one that Firmoo sends out. . . . And yeah, Pat has been working and working and working. He didn’t lift a finger in the basement, tho. That was all the professional mold remediators.

  2. that purse dump is proof that you have an amazing life. And I second your assessment of the Duchess’ life. The pressure! The hair!

    (p.s. My kids were at a girlfriend’s house yesterday – a homeschooling mom to 5 who regularly hosts parties for 100+ and whose small children eagerly and willingly pray the rosary, and when I picked up my crew she asked me what my secret was to their impeccable table manners and kindness to one another. I was like, I’m sorry, did you happen to get spectacularly drunk and black out while you were watching my children? Can’t really think of any other explanation…)

  3. I’m SO bad at small talk – it makes me glad I usually have my kids around so I can just talk about them…

    And that basement! Crazy! Andrew’s been at our new place working on it practically nonstop, too… Parallel lives, we’re leading!

  4. Oh my, the British small talk article is a gem! “The Importance of Not Being Ernest.” Dying. And I’m loving your purse contents. Who got the champagne?? Did you get it to christen the new house?

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