Third Tri[mester]’s the Charm

Hello Friends, How have you been?

I’ve been . . .

Feeling tired but better the last few weeks since realizing (a) I need to keep taking my Floradix iron supplement and (b) need to be drinking a LOT more water.  Those two changes, plus a few trips to the chiropractor, and I’m feeling better than I was most of the second trimester.  Not what I was expecting!

Leading a more Luddite life. I’v removed almost all apps from my phone, and removed my primary email account from my phone too.  And the laptop is in a separate room from the main living area.  Overall it feels good, calmer.

Eating So Delicious chocolate coconut milk “ice cream” because dairy seems to give me heartburn.  It really is delicious.

Watching my sugars, because my blood glucose levels are a little high (although often I felt more like they were low . . . I don’t know what’s going on).  So, I try to make sure to watch as the coconut ice cream disappears . . . . Ha ha.

Also watching Dark Matter on Netflix.  Somehow it’s holding my interest, even though I’m such a snob and it’s all I can do to keep from commenting every other minute about how dumb the dialogue is.  (It’s a lot like Firefly, which I also enjoyed despite myself.)  It’s fun to have a show Pat and I can watch together in the evenings.  For a little while there it was Rehab Addict but we quickly got through the one season Netflix has.

Reading A Walk in the Woods, about a guy who tries to hike the Appalachian Trail.  I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought, especially the first half, which made me frequently laugh out loud.  I’m wondering how the movie is?  I don’t see enough material in there for a movie, but I’m curious  . . . . Now I’m reading Mere Christianity.  Is it heresy to say I’m finding C.S. Lewis a little priggish, or something?  I’m not feeling it.  Also about to start I Believe in Love–about the saint I don’t get.

Wearing maternity leggings and a dress or tunic (I have about five of them).  Every day.  So simple.  Again, much better than the second trimester, when it was too hot to wear leggings.  I’m trying to forget the outfits I wore this summer.

Also wearing Superga sneakers in a gray/silvery color.  Every year around this time I look for the perfect shoe and wind up with something in some garish color or another.  Glad I avoided that trap this year.

Singing “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” because Girl 1 just lost hers.  She listened intently and then exclaimed, “But that’s not all I want!”

Preoccupied with this house.  I have a list titled, “Things That Will Drive Me Crazy If Not Done Before the Baby Arrives.”  “We” are making good progress.  Meaning, Pat asks me every weekend and most evenings, “What do you want me to do now?” . . . I feel like all my creative energy is going into this house–and this baby.  Haven’t felt much like writing lately, although I do miss it.

Here’s some of the good:

IMG_9282 IMG_9289

remember the before for this room?


the bad and the ugly

IMG_9283 IMG_9284 IMG_9285 IMG_9290

The fireplace will look nice once I get around to whitewashing it (kind of like Jill’s, maybe a little whiter), don’t you think?

Laughing at the positions I find Barbies scattered around the house every day. They’re usually in various stages of undress though so it’s a little . . . inappropriate.

IMG_9241 IMG_9288

Struggling with insomnia.  It helps if I stay off of computer screens and my phone in the evenings.  So with that . . . good night and thanks for reading!

(I’ll link up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes, even though I’ve got more than seven here.)

13 thoughts on “Third Tri[mester]’s the Charm

  1. Staying away from sugar helps my insomnia so much, but it’s soo hard. Because third trimester. You know. Glad to see you’re feeling so well!

  2. I’ve known other women who had high blood sugar during pregnancy only; it seems like a common problem even for folks who don’t have it the rest of the time. Also, I’ll have to check out that show if it’s anything like Firefly, which I adored, no shame, it was awesome. 🙂

  3. where’s the belly???
    Also you have a strong will removing all those apps and email apps on your phone. I check my email several times a day — blame work but mostly, it’s just an annoying habit now.

    third trimester already! that’s awesome!

  4. Your house is really coming along! It looks great! I remember that feeling of having all these things that needed to be done (not by me) before the baby came or I would flip out. Husbands are so good, aren’t they? And I love the superga sneakers! I really like the resurgence of simple sneakers these days. I wish I could wear chucks, but they make my feet look like flippers.

  5. I saw the fireplace and immediately thought, “Ooh, she should whitewash it!” Great minds 🙂 And the Barbies in various stages of undress are always ALL over my mom’s house, only the girls also take off all their heads… (Really just the twins. It’s a “game” they made up called “Take off their heads” so… Yeah.)

  6. So glad to see a post from you! Please write more! 🙂 As for A Walk in the Woods, the film is rather blah. Good actors, but not much to it. Not heresy on the Lewis, although I love him. I always find him so convicting. It’s like — “Ouch, I fear that person he’s describing is me.” Is it heresy as a Catholic to say that he’s my favorite spiritual writer? 😉

    • It’s funny–it was sooo important for me to have a nursery in place for both girls, but this little guy isn’t going to have his room cleared out for months, I think. And it doesn’t bother me. (I don’t think it will bother him either. 😉
      He’ll be in our room at first anyway.

  7. I feel like that last Barbie picture should be viewed while listening to the chorus of Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’. Seriously Barbie…check yo’ self, before you wreck yo’ self.

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