What Does One Wear To a Backstreet Boys Concert? {WIWS}

And will anyone else tailgate in their minivan??

I’m adding these to my list of questions I’d never thought I’d ask.   But here’s what I wore:

All pieces are akin to the oldest Backstreet "Boy": Old.

All pieces are akin to the oldest Backstreet “Boy”: Old.

I went out with my husband’s sisters and brother-in-law to celebrate the eldest sister’s second 29th birthday.  I love these girls, and let me tell you, we are PARTY PEOPLE!


BSB concert


Here’s what I wore earlier in the day to Mass:

Kohl's Chaps Knot-Front Empire Dress

It looks surprisingly similar to what I wore the week before:

Chaps Knot-Front Empire Dress Kohl's

I love this dress.  Kohl’s still carries it, though only in solid colors now.  Highly recommended (but I cut out the shoulder pads).  You could even breastfeed in it because of the way the panel is sewn in.

Backstreet Boys and breastfeeding attire.  All in one post.  Life is a wild and crazy ride, folks.

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