Dressing Up A Whole Month of Sundays






Plus an example of how a camera is more honest than a mirror.

This is what I wore today:


Let’s just skip the week before, but the week before that I started out with this:


It looked okay in the mirror.  But taking a picture (before Mass, which is unusual), made it clear that the belt wasn’t working.  It kept slipping down on the slippery material.

So then I tried this (a bit school marmish, that is to say, more so than usual):


This is what I settled on:


And the week before:


I haven’t had much fun dressing for Mass lately.  I’ve put on what Heather calls a “winter layer.”  Anyone else put on a winter layer?  Never do I feel those extra five pounds so much as when I put on a pencil skirt.  Ugh.

It just now occurred to me: Lent comes at a good time, doesn’t it?  Right at the end of winter, when it’s time to shed our winter layers and get outside and move and stop drowning our wintertime blues in chocolate and chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. . . . Oh, that’s just me?  Ahem.  Anyway.

Here’s to Spring!

And to Fine Linen & Purple!


Dress, Cardigan, Sweater, Boots and Thoughts on WIWS

Here’s what I wore to Mass today:

I’m linking up with the ladies at FL&P today.  It’s been a while.  The number of bloggers participating in the What I Wore Sunday linkup has declined, and that makes me sad.  It’s been such a fun activity.  I’ve gotten some great outfit ideas and, more importantly, met some great bloggers.  Bloggy friendships aren’t the same as real-life friendships, but I still think they enrich my life.

At the same time . . . I wonder if anyone feels the same way I do: that it’s a bit weird to keep posting pictures of oneself week after week.  I don’t mean to fish for compliments.  I really don’t.

I don’t think less of others when they post outfit shots, so why should I feel uncomfortable with it myself?  I don’t know.  When you put together a nice outfit, I like to read about it on your blog.  So when I put together a nice outfit, I like to blog about it.

Just don’t feel like you need to leave a compliment if you don’t want to.


Happy Sunday!

Polka Dot “It” Sweater, Take Two {WIWS}

Here we are, Palm Sunday.  Before reading this, I hope you’ve read Rosie’s Lenten reflection over at FL&P, gone to Mass, said your prayers, etc., because I’ve got nothing but frivolity for you here.  This is what I wore today:


I had an “Aha!” moment this week.  I”m sure y’all read the Dressing For Your Body Type series Emily at FL&P did a few weeks ago.  I read it and smiled and nodded my head.  It all makes sense, right?  Well, understanding the theory and putting into practice are two different things.

Earlier this week I was wondering how I could reproduce this outfit:

And then I realized: look how bulky the cardigan is around this lady’s waist!  She practically has rolls!  You don’t notice it at first because she’s a size 0, 18 year-old fashion model, but this sort of thing would not do me any favors.

Hence I went for this look instead:

Ta da!

No Gucci scarf around my bag but oh well.

No Gucci scarf around my bag but oh well.

In other news, I’ll do my usual Meal Plan Monday post and then take a break from blogging the rest of the week.  Have a blessed Holy Week.


What I Wore Sunday: Polka Dots, Argyle, and Albuterol

Well, I didn’t exactly wear albuterol, but I think I walk around with a fine mist of it surrounding me.  We’ve been using it day in day out for the girls for weeks and weeks now.  My poor baby girl has been especially sick the past week; we celebrated her first birthday with a trip to the doctor.  It was her second of the week, and I think we’re going back there on Monday.  Girl 1 has pretty much kicked the bug, but Girls 2 just keeps wheezing and coughing, coughing and wheezing.

Thanks to my Saintly Husband and the blessing of a well-timed nap for the baby, I was able to get gussied up for Mass today.  I find the girls’ photo bombs amusing here so I’m including several shots.  Notice how good I am at ignoring them?  😉

IMG_1102 IMG_1105image (3) photo (18)

I was kind of going for this look, kind of:

I can’t figure out the original source.  Let me know if you know.  It’s been floating around on Pinterest and Tumblr for a while.

Happy Sunday everyone!  For more Sunday finery, check out the link-up at Fine Linen and Purple.  Thanks, Kendra and Emily, for hosting!