Mastering the Tied Shirtfront Look {WIWS}

A few weeks ago I wore this:


Trying to achieve this look (shown here by my sister Martha; betcha’d never guess she was six months pregnant in this shot!):

But I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result.  I tried again this week, buttoning one less button, so that the shirt tied higher and more snug around the waist (Stacy and Clinton are always right: define the waist, define the waist, define the waist!).

chambray button-down pencil skirt tied front

Better, I think.

I tried it out with my leopard print scarf a few different ways but decided I liked a simpler look best.

IMG_3026 IMG_3043

By the way, this was the lighting in the photo originally:



chambray button-down pencil skirt tied front


I am a complete novice at photo editing, but I love what I learned to do so far, just by fiddling with the editing tools in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Bonus question: what have I erased completely from the edited shot?

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Chambray & White {What I Wore Sunday}

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I wore this to Mass:



The skirt is from LOFT (old); shirt from Old Navy (old); shoes from Lands’ End (now on sale); necklace from NY&Co. Here are a few other ways I’ve worn these pieces:



IMG_1508 IMG_2748

And On A Lighter Note: What I Wore Sunday

Two posts in one day are a bit much, but it seemed disrespectful to blather on about my outfit in my prior post.  So I’ll blather on about my outfit in a separate post.  Here it is:


I keep forgetting about that annoying glare in the picture behind me.  But it was impetus to download a cool app that blurs the background.

My outfit inspiration, not for the first or last time, was Martha:

All I really need to know about style I learned from my little sister.

Pat and I tag-teamed because the girls are still a bit sick.  Someone was not happy about being left behind:

She got over it.

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What I Wore Sunday: Luck o’ the Unenthusiastic Irish

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, y’all!


I’ve been fiddling with the exposure settings in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Don’t judge.



Sadly, I was the only one of our family to wear green to Mass today.  Girl 1 picked her own clothes (pink).  Pat picked out his and the baby’s, with nary a stitch of green between them.  My dear, 75% Irish husband–named Patrick–likes neither corned beef nor cabbage nor Irish music.  Nor does he like Guinness, whiskey, or Killians.  As you may guess, Saint Paddy’s Day is a real blast at our house.

What Pat lacks in the spirited celebration of his heritage, he makes up for in mad modeling skills.  So be sure to check out his guest appearance in my Style and the Stay At Home Mom post yesterday.  (Shameless plug.  Not sorry.)

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What I Wore Sunday: Floral Cardigan & Chambray Shirt

Hello, my name is Laura.  On Sundays, I go to Mass with my husband and children.


In my spare time I like to pretend I’m a fashion model.

** Update **

Per Stephanie’s sweet and very flattering comment, here’s a close-up of the skirt.  It has a pattern made with gold thread:

Material of the skirt.  It looks more golden in real life.

Material of the skirt. It looks more golden in real life.

Skirt is from LOFT (old-2010 I think); Cardigan is from Target (last year); Necklace is from Target (older still), Shirt is Old Navy (on clearance several months ago).

Surprise surprise!  I looked up the shoes and they are still available: Lennox from Naturalizer.  Quite comfortable, as heels go AND they come in wide width, which is a must for me.  Worth the $$.  Highly recommended.  They do run a tad small though.

Oh, and that crooked picture on the wall?  It’s on purpose.  I do that occasionally as an impromptu exercise to fine tune my husband’s moral bearings à la That Hideous Strength.

P.S. I’m writing a series of posts on Style and the Stay-At-Home Mom, in which I will humiliate myself by detailing my own efforts in this regard.  The first was posted yesterday.  Hopefully it will be interesting to other SAHMs, other  work-at-home types, anyone who (like me) dreads getting out of her pajamas each morning, and others who want a good laugh.

Okay, for more fashion and possibly some jokes that are funny to people other than just the writer, check out Fine Linen and Purple for their What I Wore Sunday link up!

Pinspiration, Mother-Daughter Style

The other day I enjoyed creating a new outfit from clothes I already had, with some inspiration from Pinterest and a favorite blog.

I tried to do something like the bottom center outfit here:

Also like this outfit here:

Here it is:

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: LOFT (crops!)
Scarf: Target (thanks Mom!); Belt: LOFT

Apparently Girl 1 found her own Pinspiration:

Shirt: Walmart; Pants: Kohl’s (thrifted); Sneaks: Target
Styling: All her own