Perfect Health Diet: The Results Are In, Part 1

I’m still healthy!

I finally got bloodwork done and had my annual physical.  Here are the stats, compared to my levels from about a year ago:

HDL (“Good”) Cholesterol:

  • Then: 80
  • Now: 77

Negligibly worse.

LDL (“Bad”) Cholesterol:

  • Then: 131
  • Now: 122

Slightly better.


  • Then: 42
  • Now: 50

Slightly worse.

My triglyceride and HDL levels (both then and now) are considered really good.  My LDL levels are slightly high–in the borderline range, according to standard medical authorities.  But, both the PHD book and my physician say my LDL level is nothing to worry about considering my good HDL and triglyceride levels.

TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone):

  • Then: 1.055
  • Now: 1.674

Mainstream medical guidelines say anything below 5.5 is normal.  PHD says aim to get your TSH below 1.00.  So the increase here threw me for a loop.  I started taking an iodine supplement about two months prior, however.  Perhaps this is making my thyroid levels fluctuate?

Vitamin D

  • Then: not tested
  • Now: 29 ng/ mL

This is very very low.  I asked to have it tested,on a hunch, and am glad I did.  My doc put me on 50,000 mg weekly for three months, then I’m supposed to have it retested later.  Apparently vitamin D deficiency is very common but often undiagnosed, and related to a whole host of health problems.

The easiest, most natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, about half an hour of direct sun on the face and arms, once per day, is supposed to supply enough.  Given my family history of skin cancer and personal aversion to cold weather, however, I’ll probably need to supplement vitamin D for the rest of my life.

Glucose (blood sugar):

  • Then: Normal (not sure the exact level)
  • Now: 80 mg/dL (normal)


  • Then: Normal (not sure the exact level)
  • Now: 12.1 g/dL (very very bottom of the normal range)

Low hemoglobin basically means you’re anemic.  My levels here confirm my feeling that iron supplementation is a good idea for me.  I definitely felt an increase in energy when taking Floradix.  I’m now taking 18 mg Ferrochel iron, which supposedly is absorbed well by the body, but I don’t feel it’s working as well as Floradix.


  • Then: 1_6
  • Now: 1_7

Slight increase.

Womp womp womp.


I’ve been thinking all of this over and have decided to make some changes to our diet in the coming year.  Stay tuned.  [For part 2 of this post, click here.]

Happy New Year!