What I Wore Sunday, Ole!

Happy Feast of the Epiphany, everyone!  Here’s what I wore, my first official repeat since I started joining the WIWS link-up:


Today it was especially hard to find a spot in the house that both (a) did not have too much back light and (b) was not cluttered with stuff stuff stuff.  Despite all the back light  I’m feeling a general lack of sunlight in my life these days.  It’s been gray and mostly overcast for a while now.  I think I have some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Can’t wait for spring!

Pat and I went to different masses today, since the baby has been sick (though gradually improving).  I went to the Spanish mass, which is a whole lot different than the Tridentine mass we’ve been attending.  Wow.

Before mass, I was thinking about going to the Spanish mass and what I would blog about it.  I kept hearing the word “Olé!” in my head.  Sure enough, the refrain in the processional hymn was “Olé olé ola!”  Something about Baby Jesus being born, I think.  Little Drummer Boy was the Offertory hymn.  Hearing it in Spanish was a little less grating than hearing it in English, but probably just because of the novelty of it to me.

There was no rapping at mass, fortunately, though.

Here’s hoping for a sunny week ahead!

For more Sunday finery, check out the link-up at Fine Linen and Purple.  Thanks as always to Kendra and Emily for hosting the fun!