Friday Link Love June 12, 2015 {Doritos Locos and other edifying subjects}

Some quick links and thoughts on this Friday night.  The first is serious; the rest are light and fluffy.

1. I was touched by Saint* Pope Francis’s recent words about the heroic love of family members who care for sick loved ones.  First I thought–of course– of myself . .. and Pat . . . and how hard it is to care for the girls with their sporadic, cough-variant asthma.  They have so many nights of intermitable coughing during cold and flu season; winter is a cold, cold hell for us.

Then I thought–wow–the pope’s words really really apply to my parents, who are taking care of my aunt as she undergoes cancer treatment.  They, and my uncle, also are caring for my 94-year-old grandmother, who is in a gradual, painful decline and is now bedridden.  We’ve been expecting the end for months now.  My uncle lives with her and takes painstaking care of her full time.  My dad spends many nights over there so my uncle can get some sleep, since my grandmother is restless and needs constant care throughout the night. . . . And this all comes not long after the years my parents cared for my other grandmother; she died in their home three years ago.

They’ve all been on my mind a lot lately.  I’m a thousand miles away and don’t know what I can do.

*So embarrassing.  I have such a hard time catching my own typos.

2. Something else that’s been on my mind is Taco Bell.  Mmm, Baby #3 loves taco bell.  My frequent visits there reminded me of this article, about why food that’s bad for us tastes so good.  [If the link doesn’t work, backdoor your way in by searching Google News for “Taste the Science in Every bite”.]

I’m tasting that science! I’m tasting it in every bite, baby.                                                image credit

The article discussed the Doritos Locos tacos and how popular they are and–let me tell you–that’s no surprise.  They are delicious.  Delicious.  So good.

3. By the way, Girl 1 has taken to being scared to be in her room at night, every night, at any point of the night, starting at bedtime, even with the light on and door open.  I told her tonight about her guardian angel.  We discussed and she pondered for the last hour.  She just now announced she is scared of angels and doesn’t want one in her room.  So much for that.  I told her she could politely ask her angel to leave the room and I’m sure the angel would oblige.

4. My bloggy friend Sarah Isis is such a fashionable pregnant lady, isn’t she?  Next week, I’ll be linking up with her “23 questions” link up, posting my girls’ answers to 23 questions about their mom [me].

~ Ha!  I just realized that the idea is to ask the questions about Daddy and post for father’s day.  Oh well.  I’ll do the one about me for a late mother’s day post and then one where I ask them about Pat in time for Father’s Day. ~

My kids’ answers were quite amusing.  If you’re inclined you should link up too, especially if you’ve already asked your kids the questions (*ahem* Marti Oram, once you’re feeling better).

5. My new bloggy crush is Erica at Thrift Flipper.  She’s paying off her student loans by scouring thrift stores for fashion finds and reselling them on eBay.  I started doing this–on an extremely small scale–about a year ago.  I enjoy cheap retail therapy so much that when I find a great deal, even if my family and I can’t use it, I have to buy it.

My $5-snakeskin-Manolo-Blahnik-find story is one I’ll probably be telling my grandchildren.  Kind of like an old fisherman’s tale. Except they didn’t get away.  Maybe I should have had them stuffed and mounted to hang on the wall.  But then I couldn’t have resold them. For $50.  Anyway . . .

Enter eBay, by which my hobby at least pays for itself and a little more.  So anyway, when I found Erica’s blog I was like, “There’s someone else out there who does this!  And she seems normal!”

6. I had some other links to share with you but I’ve misplaced them now.

7. Have a lovely weekend!  Click over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for more quick takes.

What I’m Into (a look back on May)

Veggies, VHS tapes, trouble at the Episcopal church rummage sale, and more . . .

Vegetables:  I haven’t cooked much at all lately (that’s another post for another day).  But I signed up for a CSA months ago.  We’re now getting our weekly shares, and right now it’s greens greens and more greens.  Kale, spinach, chard, lettuce, bok choy, and more kale.  I don’t like it because I have to cook it all before it goes bad.  I like it because I’m forced to cook it all before it goes bad.


Dinners on the grill: Pat grills burgers and chicken.  I cook up some CSA veggies in the quickest way possible. We open a bottle of wine.  We sit down and eat.  . . . .  We’ve had two meals in a row like this and I’m hoping for many, many more. . . . No special meal prep for the girls (sweet, blessed, relief).  Girl 1 will eat her grilled chicken (with ketchup) and (certain) veggies if bribed with dessert.

The What I’m Into linkup on Leigh Kramer’s blog, which I first learned about from Modern Mrs. Darcy.  I’m new to Leigh’s blog and the link up.  I might not be doing it right, but I really like the idea.

Professor Linda PrzybyszewskiI look forward to reading her new book,  The Lost Art of Dress.

From her recent Tumblr post:

Since time out of mind, fashion illustrations and store mannequins have exaggerated the female shape into something so long and tenuous one wonders why they didn’t snap in half.  . . .   [A]djust your eyes to the shocking sight of a dress on a young woman with full cheeks and curves.

Times sure have changed, haven’t they?

Buying VHS tapes at the thrift store for $0.33–cheaper than renting!  When I’m done I throw them away or give them back to Goodwill.  So far I’ve watched.

  • 28 Days (Sandra Bullock)
  • Green Card (Andie MacDowell, lovely, why can’t they make rom coms like this anymore?)

I’ve bought the girls more VHS tapes than I can count, some favorites being:

  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Peter Pan
  • Robin Hood (all the classic, Disney animated versions)

Pat has found a way to digitize VHS tapes, so the girls watch their movies on our Roku box with software called Plex.  With that in mind, I picked up VHS tapes of some old favorites that are worth digitizing, saving, and watching over and over:

VHS tapes left to watch (but probably not to save):

  • Fargo (I like a lot of Coen brother’s movies but somehow haven’t watched this yet)
  •  Spanglish
  • Now and Then
  •  The Net (interested to see a movie about internet ID theft from ~ 15 years ago)
  • Little Black Book (okay, I might regret this, bu I guess it caught my eye since its star, Brittany Murphy, died so unexpectedly)

Prints of Delarue paintings of Paris, found at the Episcopal church rummage sale for $2 apiece, paired up with frames I found at the same sale for $1 a piece, spruced up with some black spray paint and matting from Michaels.


Lucien Delarue



More Delarue prints.  I’m hoping to make some moolah off these on eBay (it worked with the blazer I [fortunately/unfortunately] bought at the same church’s previous rummage sale).


Losing my keys at the Episcopal church rummage sale, and being locked out of my minivan.  Well, I’m not into this but it happened.

Living in a small town such that I was able to (a) snag a ride home from a second cousin-in-law who just happened to be at the sale and then (b) have my keys delivered to me the next day from a friend from church who also just happened to be at the sale.

Having a two-year old who stuck a popcorn kernel up her nose.  Again, not so much into it, but it was into her.  Yuk yuk.  We can add this to the many stories of children in the family sticking things up their noses: peas, beans, crayons, pebbles, Baby Jesus figurines . . . the normal stuff.

Hoping for a less-sluggish, uneventful June filled with more beautiful weather!


Thank you Leigh!

I Gave Up Coffee, Found Myself a Fashion Expert, and Am About to Get Rich Quick

— 1 —

I haven’t drunk coffee in almost a week.  I think it’s the longest I’ve gone without coffee my entire adult life.  My beverage of choice is now black tea  (Tazo Awake or Tazo Focus).  It’s definitely a minor miracle, attributable mainly to finally catching up on the sleep I lost in the first year of Girl 2’s life.  I wasn’t liking the taste of the Starbucks I was brewing at home and gave tea a try one morning.  Then I decided not to buy more coffee when I ran out.  So weird.

— 2 —

My stats are down on the blog, which I think is due to the dearth of fashion posts lately.  People want to read what I have to say on fashion more than, say, Montessori for special needs, or consequential ethics.  It’s a strange strange world we live in, and you just never know what’s going to happen to you in life.  That’s all I have to say about that.

— 3 —

Just in case you do want to read what I have to say about consequential ethics (and my two favorite television shows), you can read it over at Mary’s blog.  You know, just in case.

— 4 —

My eBay hobby continues to chug along.  I’ve moved into the vintage coffee mug and used toy market.  I’m gonna be rich, I tell you.  Filthy, stinkin’ rich.

— 5 —

Have you seen that trick on Pinterest where you re-use an Airwick Plug-In thingy and fill it with essential oil?  I tried it with lemongrass oil, and my house smelled awesome.  It didn’t work so well when I tried to re-fill it a second time.  The wick only lasts so long.

— 6 —

What I’m doing now is sprinkling some cinnamon oil on a unscented little white votive candle and burning that.  It smells great, but doesn’t last as long.

— 7 —

My Thanksgiving was great, thanks for asking!  😉  How was yours?

"Freedom From Want" Modern Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Pat was the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Quickest quick takes ever, for me!  Woo hoo! Happy weekend.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


Breaking Bad, Ebay, and Other Favorite Ways To Pass Time

. . . Instead of Writing Blog Posts

It hasn’t been a prolific few weeks for me, writing wise, so first of all thanks to

— 1 —

Monica and Joy, for writing guest posts about their Momiforms, and to the other ladies whose guest posts are in the works!

— 2 —

Breaking Bad:  Pat and I watch 1-2 episodes on Netflix most nights. (He initially disliked it for being so dark, but he’s back on board now.)  Ohmygoodness.  The acting.  The writing.  The pacing.  The imagery.  So good.  I can’t get over how Coen-like it is.

Though I must say, we’re toward the end of Season 3 and it’s lagging a bit now.  The house fly thing that took up a whole episode?  Really?  But still, I keep coming back.

— 3 —

Ebay.  I weird myself out with this, but I’m really into selling stuff on Ebay.  It started out with a couple of household items and an old evening gown.  I knew they both had some value but I didn’t know where else to sell them.  Then I kept going with the brand name hand-me-down clothes Girl 1 refuses to wear (i.e., everything in her closet except the two ill-fitting, tacky, seasonally inappropriate dresses she insists on wearing every day).  Now I’ve realized I can get more for my old clothes on Ebay than I can with Twice (as much as I do like Twice in principle).

Have I mentioned I’m a licensed attorney?  Seriously, there are more lucrative ways to spend my time.  And yet I think I’m more excited making five bucks on Ebay than about any paycheck I’ve gotten.  It’s so odd.  Possibly I missed my calling to be a merchant of some sort.

— 4 —

Parenting: I’m learning to be patient with my kids’  little obsessions and not be embarrassed by their quirks.  (Little girls–hair is such a big deal.  Ohmygosh.  Girl 1 and I have the same discussion multiple times a day in which we ascertain just exactly how long her hair is now, how long it will be when she is five, and how long it will be when she is six, and at which point all her hair will fit in a ponytail or braid without some pieces of hair falling out.  These are very very important issues in her world.) . . .

So where was I?  Oh yes, in the midst of this process, I’ve learned to be more patient with myself  and all my quirks and little obsessions.  The Ebay thing?  It’s probably a phase I’ll grow out of.  I figuratively pat myself on the head and wait for it to pass.

— 5 —

Lazy days at home with girls: Many days and weeks and monthsmust get out and do something, because they drive me up the wall at home.  But recently the girls play really nicely to themselves and so we kick back, play princesses, watch Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse a few times, hang in the backyard, and chill.  It’s awesome.

Sometimes I puzzle over why some weeks are so great and then others are so awful.  I think I’ve figured it out (shamelessly schmeeling here on Jen Fulwiler’s Life Craziness Matrix):

Household Happiness Matrix

Right now we’re in the green zone.  Knock on wood.  In a non-superstitious way.  Of course.

Which reminds me: Happy Halloween!

. . .

Thank you, Jenny, for hosting Five Favorites today . . . er . . . yesterday!