What I Wore Sunday, The Epiphany of the Lord

I’m trying out a new blog format today.  Let me know what you think.

Another Sunday, another lazy morning, another outfit, another afternoon Spanish mass by myself.

Instead of last week’s mariachi band, the Spanish mass today had a cantor with the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in a long time.  Pure, clear, lovely lovely lovely.  I wish I could understand the words of the songs she sang.


Lighting isn’t great here, but I have dark blue trouser jeans, navy blue striped tee, and navy blue corduroy blazer.  I don’t usually wear blue jeans to Sunday mass, but I dunno, this felt okay.  I was way more comfortable than I usually am in dressier clothes, which made me less distracted.  Of course, attending without the little bundles of need and noise goes a long way, too.

The necklace is a Christmas gift from my brother.  The beads are made of juniper wood, and they are wonderfully fragrant.  Kind of like having a little bit of incense around my neck.

Breastfeeding/babywearing necklace from Kangaroocare on Etsy. Handmade in Estonia from juniper wood.

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