What I wore Sunday

My first link-up is to Fine Linen and Purple for their What I Wore Sunday series.  Gulp!  Helloooooooo y’all!

So this is what I wore this past Sunday.  I’m still figuring out the scarf trend.  I think I need to find a different way to wrap this one, because it’s really big.  A pashmina, really.  As it is here, good thing we have a minivan, not a convertible, because I probably would have gone the way of Isadora Duncan.

Anyway, I love this dress, because I think I look like Kate the Great in it:

Actually, I look like this:

Sexy, I know. Especially with those socks. Men, avert your eyes.

I didn’t get any shots after I put on my trench coat and my big shades.  Schnazzy.  Next time!