Some Sunday outfits of late

Happy Mother’s Day!

In case you’re interested, here are some Sunday outfits I’ve worn lately.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a nap to take and brunch to digest. ūüėČ



Pinspiration from MK of Outfit Posts:

Past weeks (why do I tilt my head for photos? ¬†I’m self conscious about this now):







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Dressing Up A Whole Month of Sundays






Plus an example of how a camera is more honest than a mirror.

This is what I wore today:


Let’s just skip the week before, but the week before that I started out with this:


It looked okay in the mirror. ¬†But taking a picture (before Mass, which is unusual), made it clear that the belt wasn’t working. ¬†It kept slipping down on the slippery material.

So then I tried this (a bit school marmish, that is to say, more so than usual):


This is what I settled on:


And the week before:


I haven’t had much fun dressing for Mass lately. ¬†I’ve put on what Heather calls a “winter layer.” ¬†Anyone else put on a winter layer? ¬†Never do I feel those extra five pounds so much as when I put on a pencil skirt. ¬†Ugh.

It just now occurred to me: Lent comes at a good time, doesn’t it? ¬†Right at the end of winter, when it’s time to shed our winter layers and get outside and move and stop drowning our wintertime blues in chocolate and chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. . . . Oh, that’s just me? ¬†Ahem. ¬†Anyway.

Here’s to Spring!

And to Fine Linen & Purple!


What I Wore Sunday + More Pet Peeves + Liturgical Dance

This is what I wore today:

Experimenting with the Gorilla pod
Girl 1 and I experimented with the Gorillapod:


Last Sunday, I took Girl 1 to the Spanish mass (where there’s plenty of room), and she started¬†dancing, arms in the air,¬†to the rousing mariachi music. ¬†To breathe is to dance for this girl. ¬†I’m no devotee of liturgical dancing, but I didn’t have the heart to stop her, at least not at first. ¬†The priest noticed and gave us a big grin. ¬†Then he made a point of shaking hands with Girl 1 and me after mass, asking her name, and welcoming us to come again.

This¬†week we went to 10:30 mass, which is the most crowded at our parish. ¬†We experienced an interesting variant of my favorite pet peeve (the pew end squatter). ¬†The lady near us was good enough to sit in the middle of the pew, but refused to scoot over into the empty space to her right. ¬†“I can see good here,” she explained, indicating that we could sit on the other side of her.

Now, there were¬†no¬†tall people in the vicinity that would have blocked her view. ¬†She just liked being right in front of the podium. ¬†I happen to know that this particular lady is a kind soul and friendly toward young families in other respects. ¬†Still, this sort of seating possessiveness is getting old. ¬†It’s not the opera, folks!

As others pointed out last time, it’s a nice problem to have. ¬†Plenty of parishes have empty pews, and ours is bursting at the seams.

All the same, we’re through with the 10:30 mass. ¬†And I might start brushing up on my Spanish.

Linking up with FL&P.  Happy Sunday!

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What I Wore Sunday + Sunday Pet Peeves

This is what I wore today:


Shirt from Conversation Pieces (gift from my husband); sadly not recommended; already pilling after one washing. ¬†ūüė¶

And what I wore last week:


Sweater from Kohls (now sold out). ¬†I had some Christmas Kohls credit and couldn’t resist this sweater. ¬†Not my color + hand wash only + sheds on everything < very soft +¬†polka dots!

And here’s my pet peeve of the week: pew end squatters.*

People who get to church early and stake out a spot at the end of the pew.  Would it really kill you to scoot over to the middle?  Do you really enjoy having me and my young children stepping back and forth across your lap and over your toes, multiple times throughout the hour?  Seriously.

I get that some people are elderly and/or have limited mobility, and they have a right to the end of the pew.

It doesn’t help that, in our parish, we have many pious people who kneel and pray after Mass for a long time. ¬†That’s fine and dandy, but please ~¬†look around you~ to see if you’re blocking in your neighbor as you close your eyes and have visions and levitate and whatever you want to do for the next fifteen minutes. ¬†Otherwise you encourage the pew-end squatters.

Regardless, if a family with young children approaches the pew, just scoot over.  Offer it up.  Otherwise, the most charitable thought I can muster is to assume you have irritable bowel syndrome.

The end.

Linking up with FL&P today.

*I should add that today we sat next to a very gracious lady who was¬†not a pew end squatter. ¬†And I’m very grateful to her.

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More Style Mishaps + What I Wore Sunday

This is what I wore today:


But actually I kept my coat on all through Mass, so the overall look was more like this:


Which reminds me: I have a tough time figuring out outerwear.  Growing up in Florida, a coat was something I needed only a few weeks out of the year.  I never thought of it as part of my outfit, just something to throw on to keep warm, like a blanket.

Fast forward to first year of law school, and I’m wearing a red, bulky Lands’ End parka with my black skirt suits. ¬†Not the cute, quilted, fitted parkas I see around nowadays. ¬†Just big, bulky, functional. ¬†Fortunately, I caught on and bought myself a dressy wool overcoat (still red!) before I entered the working world.

Okay, so fast forward some more to a few weeks ago.   I went to a Christmas concert with a friend, and the night was cold and rainy.  I got it stuck in my head that I had to wear the trench/ rain coat, and not my standard wool overcoat.  But, I was afraid I would be too cold in just the trench plus my standard church/ dressy uniform of pencil skirt + cardigan/ sweater.  (Plus most of my sweaters are showing their age, and they seemed a bit shabby to wear to the concert).

So, I wore this:


but also put on this my new-to-me blazer, over the sweater and under the raincoat.

This blazer has an identity issue.  Worn with navy, it looks black (as in this outfit from a few weeks ago):

Ralph Lauren blazer infinity scarf pencil skirt brown boots

But worn with black, it is definitely, definitely navy. ¬†I didn’t realize this until I already was at the concert, looking like a color blind Hogwarts dropout:


I was going for something like this:

But I think my look was more:


And I don’t like the logo thingy on the pocket, anyway. ¬†So this thing is going up on Ebay. ¬†(Maybe it will find a nice Catholic owner who will take its newly-converted self to Mass every week? ¬†ūüėČ

The whole experience left me yearning after a dress, something that (a) is long sleeved and warm, (b) is dressy enough to wear to church, concerts, parties, etc., but (c) is casual enough to wear with flat boots, and (d) doesn’t cost anything. ¬†Ha! ¬†So, yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of browsing online:

Links available here.

Links available here.

Probably the most frugal/ versatile thing to do is buy a non-shabby sweater.  But part of me just wants a new dress.

But even a warm dress might not be warm enough with just a trench coat. ¬†I can’t figure out how to do outwear. ¬†I just don’t get it.

What about you? ¬†What’s your go-to outfit when it’s wet and cold but you still need to dress up? ¬†Do you prefer dresses or separates?

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An Episcopal Blazer Enters the Catholic Church {What I Wore Sunday}

This is what I wore today:

Ralph Lauren blazer infinity scarf pencil skirt brown boots

I went on an exhaustive search for the perfect blazer earlier this Fall. ¬†The one I went with was a stretchier, more casual number (without gold buttons *sniff sniff* ). ¬†I mostly was concerned with finding a tailored yet comfy everyday jacket. ¬†I figured it would have to do for dressier use, as well, because I wasn’t about to buy a second blazer.¬†

THEN I found this baby at the Episcopal church’s rummage sale. ¬†Gold buttons! ¬†Ding ding ding!

Maybe it would better if it were more fitted and a little less boxy? ¬†It’s hard to find fitted blazers that are wide enough for my shoulders, though. ¬†Just reading descriptions of jackets that are a “shrunken” style gives me the willies because they are so uncomfortable for me.

My life: vale of tears, etc. What can I say?

Ralph Lauren blazer infinity scarf pencil skirt brown boots

Linking up with FL&P today.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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What I Wore Sunday: Clothes For Fickle Weather

Any other SAHMs out there interested in writing about your style struggles and successes¬†(or work-from-home moms, or part-at-home/ part-outside-the-home working moms)? ¬†I’m in the market for guest posts. ¬†I am usually at the top of Google’s search results on this topic, if you can believe it. ¬†But there’s only so much material I can generate on my own (ahem). ¬† Let’s discuss: thisfelicitouslife @ gmail dot com.

Last week the weather was hot and I wore this, but I was quite warm with the cardigan and all:

blue skirt, pink cardigan, teal tank with sequins

And today is rainy and wet and I wore this and it was just right.

IMG_4176 Trench coat, green Old Navy polka dot sweater

Aaaaaaand that’s all I’ve got. ¬†Happy Sunday everyone, especially all of you linking up at¬†at FL&P today!

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On Getting Dressed In the Dark {WIWS}

Today I had plenty of sunlight while getting dressed, and here’s what I wore:

Lands' End blazer

Lands' End blazer

Last week, though.  Heh heh . . .

So, Saturday I was talking with some friends and we all agreed on loving to wear navy blue.  Except, I noted, that it’s harder to find things that coordinate because so many articles of clothing come in black.  Then someone pointed out that it’s now okay to wear navy blue with black.  Then I noted that you have to make it look like you did it on purpose (Shana says it so it must be true), whereas I would just look like I got dressed in the dark.

Well.  Somehow this completely escaped my mind when, not twelve hours later when I found myself, literally, getting dressed for Mass in the dark.  I didn’t remember it until I got to church and noticed I had put on my black pencil skirt, instead of my navy one.  Paired with the navy blue blazer, it was just . . . smashing.


Eh, probably no one else noticed.  But still.  Embarrassing and a little ironic.  And, even now, I still have this song stuck in my head:

You’re welcome.

Okay, happy Sunday everyone, especially all of you linking up at at FL&P today!

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Weekend Badness and Goodness {WIWS}


Breaking Bad (season 1)

^^ Now that it’s received a Jenprimatur, Pat and I started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. ¬†I’m only two episodes in but OMG, it’s kind of like Flannery O’Connor wrote a television script and got the Coen Brothers to direct and produce it. ¬†Mom, if you’re reading this: I think you’d love it. ¬†Dad, not so much. ¬†Similarly, Pat was not so into it. ¬†Too much darkness, he says. ¬†But I liked it. ¬†That bathtub thing in the second episode? ¬†I was like, “Yes! ¬†That is AWEsome!”

More badness:

morning glories

^^ Damned deer, ate my morning glories  . . .


^^and got into our trash. ¬†I think they’re frustrated that they can’t use our backyard as a daycare anymore like they did before we finished our fence. ¬†The fawns can’t jump over it.


Check out the Jack O'Lantern crocs!

Check out the Jack O’Lantern crocs!

^^ Girl 2 is getting to be almost as opinionated as Big Sis re: her clothes:


^^ and her shoes. Especially the shoes.  This was the view from over my shoulder in the minivan this evening.

More goodness:


^^ Storytime with Uncle Nick


^^ Healthy, paleo-ish chocolate tart (stay tuned for the recipe, coming later this week).


^^ Sisters “sharing” not-quite-so-healthy frozen custard

Shirt, shoes, skirt and necklace are from LOFT (old)

Shirt from Target, shoes here; skirt and necklace are from LOFT (old)

^^ What I wore to Mass on Sunday.

Thanks to the ladies at FL&P for hosting today’s¬†link up¬†and to Mary for her Weekend Diaries link up!