Some Sunday outfits of late

Happy Mother’s Day!

In case you’re interested, here are some Sunday outfits I’ve worn lately.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a nap to take and brunch to digest. ūüėČ



Pinspiration from MK of Outfit Posts:

Past weeks (why do I tilt my head for photos? ¬†I’m self conscious about this now):







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Dressing Up A Whole Month of Sundays






Plus an example of how a camera is more honest than a mirror.

This is what I wore today:


Let’s just skip the week before, but the week before that I started out with this:


It looked okay in the mirror. ¬†But taking a picture (before Mass, which is unusual), made it clear that the belt wasn’t working. ¬†It kept slipping down on the slippery material.

So then I tried this (a bit school marmish, that is to say, more so than usual):


This is what I settled on:


And the week before:


I haven’t had much fun dressing for Mass lately. ¬†I’ve put on what Heather calls a “winter layer.” ¬†Anyone else put on a winter layer? ¬†Never do I feel those extra five pounds so much as when I put on a pencil skirt. ¬†Ugh.

It just now occurred to me: Lent comes at a good time, doesn’t it? ¬†Right at the end of winter, when it’s time to shed our winter layers and get outside and move and stop drowning our wintertime blues in chocolate and chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. . . . Oh, that’s just me? ¬†Ahem. ¬†Anyway.

Here’s to Spring!

And to Fine Linen & Purple!


Boden Spring 2014 Review

And other retail therapy hits and misses . . . .

It’s a funny thing, online shopping. ¬†You see the picture of the model, and it gets you all optimistic.

Casual Weekend Dress

Then you try it on and try to convince yourself that you look at least like a more-fit version of yourself:

Boden casual weekend dress

Boden casual weekend dress

But then you look reality squarely in the face:

Boden casual weekend dress


Again, fantasy:


Boden jersey dress

Boden jersey dress


Amelie dress


Boden Amelie dress 2014

Cut it out Laura

size 10 UK

This is turning into one of those I-hate-my-body rants, and that’s really not what I mean to do.

I guess my points here are (a) online shopping is a tricky mind game and (b) it’s best done with free shipping and returns and (c) none of these dresses was really flattering to me.

By the way, the dresses were all US size 10 Long, which matched my measurements on Boden’s size chart, so they run pretty true to size.

Fortunately, there are lots of polka-dotted shirts in the world (currently $15 at Ann Taylor, only size M left; I got a L.):


And stripes¬†(Boden’s short sleeve Breton; with my wide shoulders I found this top most comfortable in a US 12, tho according to the size chart I’m a [perfect?] 10):


Because I clearly needed more dots and stripes:


And I think I’ll catch the tail end of the puffer vest trend, before it’s gone. ¬†Lands’ End has down vests for $20 —¬†$15 right now, with a promo code that ends 2/26/14. ¬†

Lands End Core Down Vest

As the number of my long-sleeved shirts recently has expanded from 2 to 6, I think I feel my late winter/ early spring uniform taking shape.

But for now I need to get out of my pajamas. ¬†ūüėČ

How about you?  Any retail therapy hits or misses?

Polka Dot and Stripes, Again: What I Wore Sunday

This is what I wore today:

striped J. Crew boatneck tee, polka dot skirt, pink cardigan, brown boots, Warby Parker Northcote

It’s basically a replica of what I wore several months ago, but with a newer striped shirt:

IMG_1464Girl 1 left the pattern mixing to me for once. ¬†I found her a Sunday outfit we both agree on. ¬†(I realized, once we were at Mass, that I had put it on her backwards, with the little flower pinned to the back instead of the front. ¬†Gah! ¬†But it’s not obvious.)


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Polka Dots, Denim, and a LBD: What I Wore Sunday

This is what I wore today:

polka dot scarf, denim jacket

Scarf from Walmart; everything else: old.

I’ve been wanting to replicate this outfit for a while:

The girls were running around with balloons during my photo shoot. ¬†Such are the trials of the fashion model mom. ūüėČ


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What I Wore Sunday: Clothes For Fickle Weather

Any other SAHMs out there interested in writing about your style struggles and successes¬†(or work-from-home moms, or part-at-home/ part-outside-the-home working moms)? ¬†I’m in the market for guest posts. ¬†I am usually at the top of Google’s search results on this topic, if you can believe it. ¬†But there’s only so much material I can generate on my own (ahem). ¬† Let’s discuss: thisfelicitouslife @ gmail dot com.

Last week the weather was hot and I wore this, but I was quite warm with the cardigan and all:

blue skirt, pink cardigan, teal tank with sequins

And today is rainy and wet and I wore this and it was just right.

IMG_4176 Trench coat, green Old Navy polka dot sweater

Aaaaaaand that’s all I’ve got. ¬†Happy Sunday everyone, especially all of you linking up at¬†at FL&P today!

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On Getting Dressed In the Dark {WIWS}

Today I had plenty of sunlight while getting dressed, and here’s what I wore:

Lands' End blazer

Lands' End blazer

Last week, though.  Heh heh . . .

So, Saturday I was talking with some friends and we all agreed on loving to wear navy blue.  Except, I noted, that it’s harder to find things that coordinate because so many articles of clothing come in black.  Then someone pointed out that it’s now okay to wear navy blue with black.  Then I noted that you have to make it look like you did it on purpose (Shana says it so it must be true), whereas I would just look like I got dressed in the dark.

Well.  Somehow this completely escaped my mind when, not twelve hours later when I found myself, literally, getting dressed for Mass in the dark.  I didn’t remember it until I got to church and noticed I had put on my black pencil skirt, instead of my navy one.  Paired with the navy blue blazer, it was just . . . smashing.


Eh, probably no one else noticed.  But still.  Embarrassing and a little ironic.  And, even now, I still have this song stuck in my head:

You’re welcome.

Okay, happy Sunday everyone, especially all of you linking up at at FL&P today!

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Summer SAHM Uniform

So I’ve completed my online shopping saga (parts one and two) and have my summer uniform together:¬†¬†


Shorts, Necklace, Sandals, Shirt from Target (old)


Skort, Sandals, Top and necklace sold out




Skort, top and necklace sold out


Skort, Top, Necklace from Peebles (old)

It’s even more uniform-y and boring than my Fall uniform, but:

Jackie O, Jackie Kennedy

Jackie O. image via Lacee Swan

. . . kinda sorta, right?

The pros:

1. Having a uniform really really works: 6 tops, 2 skorts, 1 pair of shorts, sandals, Top Siders, and necklaces. ¬† I only have to think about 15 seconds in the morning about what I’m going to wear. Every top goes with every bottom, so as long as I have one of each that’s clean, I’m good to go.

2. Minimalism: I own fewer clothes than ever before in my adult life and I’m happier than ever with what I wear. ¬†It feels so right.

3. I like wearing a skort. ¬†It looks like a skirt, so I feel a little more dressy/pulled-together, but it’s super lightweight and comfy (elastic waist for the win!) and has built-in shorts so I don’t worry about flashing people as I wrestle kids in and out of the van. ¬†I think my personal tastes tend toward something a little less flowy,¬†but I couldn’t find anything more streamlined in the right length. Now that I look again, though, this might have worked in a Tall size:

Dipper skort from Athleta

For now, I’m happy with what I have.

The cons:  

1. The sandals, oh the sandals. ¬†They really put the “Mom” in “Mom Uniform.” ¬†I procrastinated finishing this post for multiple reasons, one of which being¬†the absurdity of publishing something purportedly about “style” that contains pictures of these shoes. ¬†

Style-wise, I would have been much better off with the Birkenstock Gizeh (or pretty much any other shoe on the planet):

The Gizeh even has the Ain’t No Mom Jean stamp of approval. ¬†But it doesn’t come with Birkenstock’s soft footbed (only the original Birkenstock footbed).

I tried on the soft footbed and my feet, knees and back outvoted my eyes and sense of aesthetics 5 to 3. ¬†There was no debate. ¬†They do feel wonderful, but now I’m stuck with a very expensive pair of ugly sandals with no resale value and the lifespan of a tortoise. ¬†

I suppose I could buy a better looking-though-less-comfortable pair of sandals to wear out and keep the ugly Birks for being on my feel around the house all day. ¬†I’m aiming toward minimalism, though. ¬†And I can’t stand the really flat, no-support type sandals for even a second.

 Just looking at shoes like these:

Women’s Merona¬ģ Erin Braided Upper Sandal

make my legs ache. ¬†We’ll see. ¬†

I started out my quest inspired by Crystal’s super-simple, plain-but-pretty, minimalist wardrobe. ¬†I wanted to have a set of outfits that I could throw on in the morning without too much thought, wear at home with the kids¬†and yet¬†be able to wear in public without shame. ¬†And I think I’m there.

So long as no one looks at my feet.


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Long Live Polka Dots! {What I Wore Sunday}

Don’t you just love Kendra’s and Mary’s points in this post?¬† ¬†There is¬†no shame in wearing the same thing frequently, nor in posting about it. ¬†This attitude is one of the many reasons I love What I Wore Sunday over all other what-I-wore blog link-ups. (**Update: I also love Audrey’s One Piece Many Ways link up! **) ¬†ūüėČ

Today I wore this:


This skirt ¬†was thrifted and altered to fit, and I’ve worn it over and over again.

IMG_2052 IMG_1457 IMG_1105

Mandatory Looking Down photo.

I say: tell the fast fashion industry to take a hike!  They really must think women are idiots: they manufacture crappy merchandise that falls apart almost immediately because they know they can convince us to buy new stuff every season.

That being said, my shirt is from Target.  :-S

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A Call To Arms For Religious Liberty + What I Wore Sunday

Before the frivolity begins, please take note that the deadline for submitting comments on the latest version of the HHS Mandate is tomorrow, Monday, April 8, at midnight.  This mandate requires employers that are not churches or religious orders per se, to facilitate providing contraception, sterilization and early abortifacients, without a co-pay, to female employees and the daughters of employees.  

Anyone can submit a comment. ¬†Just follow this link:¬†!docketDetail;D=CMS-2012-0031. ¬†While you’re at it, go to Women Speak for Themselves, and sign the open letter to President Obama, HHS Secretary Sebelius, and Members of Congress.

So anyway, I was going to wear this today:


Pat politely indicated that he doesn’t like the belt-over-a-jacket look. ¬†He also said “Wear whatever the hell you want,” or something to that effect. ¬†But, eh, I compromised:


The sunlight was not cooperative.




IMG_2083 IMG_2084


Have a blessed Divine Mercy Sunday! ¬†Thanks to the ladies at¬†Fine Linen and Purple for hosting today’s link up!