Five of My Favorite Things, Vol. III

I’m back again at Hallie’s fun new link-up over at Moxie Wife and sharing five of my favorite things.  Please excuse my funky formatting and font size.  I’ve just about had it with this Word Press template.

  • Foyle’s War: A  BBC police detective series that takes place during WWII.  Shows what wartime was like for the British and the implications of enforcing a  rule of law during wartime.   But, as one reviewer on Netflix puts it well:

I believe the real reason we love the series is Foyle himself.   He wears well.   He doesn’t say much, but when you get to know him you realize how much rectitude, honor, dignity and civility he has.  Of course, he’s sharp as a tack, too, and always gets to the bottom of it.  But it’s the character of Foyle, who “foils” crime and stands for justice that we admire.

  • This painting:

    Fritz von Uhde 1848 – 1911 Let the children come to me

  • Little curly top (so hard to get a good picture because she’s always moving!):  IMG_1694

Blue and white china, especially Spode “Blue Italian,” which Pat and I registered for and received for our wedding.  (Pioneer Woman uses it too!)  Also, Royal Copenhagen (in my dreams, $$$$$).  But I love just about any blue and white china.  

  • Royal Copenhagen china


  • Independent fashion bloggers.  I’ve only recently wandered outside my warm little Fine Linen & Purple “What I Wore Sunday” community and stumbled across the wide wide world of fashion blogs.  Gotta admit, I’m a little weirded out by how many people are out there in their driveways, looking dreamily at the pavement and standing pigeon-toed in front of a camera on self-timer.  (I do basically the same thing, and I’m weirded out by myself each time.  So no judgment here.)  But really it’s refreshing to see so many lovely, real ladies looking pretty and confident, when the fashion industry would have us all think we can be attractive only if we are 6 feet tall and 90 pounds and look 16 years old.

Thanks, Hallie, for hosting this fun link up!!