Fall Momiform FAIL

Fail, fa-FAIL!-fuh -fail.

I rolled out of bed this morning and put on what I put on almost every day: jeans, dark blue tee, gray cardigan.  Plus a scarf or necklace or something.  Today, something just didn’t feel right.  I asked Pat to snap a picture (photos are more objective than the mirror; don’t ask me why).

This, this! is what I saw:


Huh? What the. . .  ? I can’t even . . . . How?  How is this happening to me? ??!!!

I’ve obsessed about my mom-drobe for how long now?  I have how many pins on my “cardigans” Pinterest board?  And for what?  For this???


I love this cardigan because it feel like a comfy bathrobe . . . Earth to Laura: It looks like a comfy bathrobe!

You see?  As soon as I let my guard down, BOOM!: the frumpies are back.

So, keeping things positive . . . here’s my action plan:

For now,

  • Loose cardigan only with slim-fitting jeans; only slimmer fitting tops with aforepictured jeans (there goes that completely mix and match wardrobe I was going for);
  • Ditch this scarf, and
  • Brush up on scarf-tying skillz;
  • Only Sperrys with these jeans, no more Birks (too warm yet for boots, new shoes not in budget); and
  • Hair . . . do . . . something.

For next year,

  • More fitted cardigan
  • More color
  • Cute flats (leopard?)
  • Replace jeans
  • . . . never leave house.

Until next time, this is Laura Christine, reporting to you live from Frumpsville.  Signing off.

(Here’s the post going over  what I learned from this fiasco: How to Look Less Bad.  Also, I sold the cardigan on eBay for like $15.  Not a total loss.)


And On A Lighter Note: What I Wore Sunday

Two posts in one day are a bit much, but it seemed disrespectful to blather on about my outfit in my prior post.  So I’ll blather on about my outfit in a separate post.  Here it is:


I keep forgetting about that annoying glare in the picture behind me.  But it was impetus to download a cool app that blurs the background.

My outfit inspiration, not for the first or last time, was Martha:

All I really need to know about style I learned from my little sister.

Pat and I tag-teamed because the girls are still a bit sick.  Someone was not happy about being left behind:

She got over it.

Thanks to the ladies at FL&P for hosting today’s link up!

Frenchwoman/ Airline Stewardess Wannabe (WIWS)

Happy Sunday to you all.

Here’s what I wore to Mass today:

"Honey, do I look like an airline, stewardess?"

“Honey, do I look like an airline stewardess?”

If I turn my shoulder at an awkward angle will it make me look thinner?

“If I turn my shoulder at an awkward angle will it make me look thinner?”



Skirt from JCPShirt from J Crew FactoryShoes are Naturalizer; Scarf from Goodwill; Blazer is LOFT (old).

I was going for this look, found on Pinterest:

Original source unknown

Original source unknown

And kinda-sorta this look from The Evangelista:

The girls wore their Easter dresses for the third time in a row, at Girl 1’s request.  Get your money’s worth, that’s what I say.  😉

Poor Girl 2 is sick–yet again–this time with a stomach bug.  (Didn’t realize it until after Mass.)  Poor baby can’t get a break.  For a while I distracted her with a little Janelle Monae:

Then Girl 2 started crying for her bottle but I need to let her stomach rest.  It’s for her own good, but all she knows is that she’s hungry.  So sad.

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What I Wore Sunday: Luck o’ the Unenthusiastic Irish

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, y’all!


I’ve been fiddling with the exposure settings in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Don’t judge.



Sadly, I was the only one of our family to wear green to Mass today.  Girl 1 picked her own clothes (pink).  Pat picked out his and the baby’s, with nary a stitch of green between them.  My dear, 75% Irish husband–named Patrick–likes neither corned beef nor cabbage nor Irish music.  Nor does he like Guinness, whiskey, or Killians.  As you may guess, Saint Paddy’s Day is a real blast at our house.

What Pat lacks in the spirited celebration of his heritage, he makes up for in mad modeling skills.  So be sure to check out his guest appearance in my Style and the Stay At Home Mom post yesterday.  (Shameless plug.  Not sorry.)

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