What I Wore Sunday: Floral Cardigan & Chambray Shirt

Hello, my name is Laura.  On Sundays, I go to Mass with my husband and children.


In my spare time I like to pretend I’m a fashion model.

** Update **

Per Stephanie’s sweet and very flattering comment, here’s a close-up of the skirt.  It has a pattern made with gold thread:

Material of the skirt.  It looks more golden in real life.

Material of the skirt. It looks more golden in real life.

Skirt is from LOFT (old-2010 I think); Cardigan is from Target (last year); Necklace is from Target (older still), Shirt is Old Navy (on clearance several months ago).

Surprise surprise!  I looked up the shoes and they are still available: Lennox from Naturalizer.  Quite comfortable, as heels go AND they come in wide width, which is a must for me.  Worth the $$.  Highly recommended.  They do run a tad small though.

Oh, and that crooked picture on the wall?  It’s on purpose.  I do that occasionally as an impromptu exercise to fine tune my husband’s moral bearings à la That Hideous Strength.

P.S. I’m writing a series of posts on Style and the Stay-At-Home Mom, in which I will humiliate myself by detailing my own efforts in this regard.  The first was posted yesterday.  Hopefully it will be interesting to other SAHMs, other  work-at-home types, anyone who (like me) dreads getting out of her pajamas each morning, and others who want a good laugh.

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What I Wore Sunday: Polka Dots and Stripes

No angst to report today!  Unlike last week and the week before, everything went as planned.  I spent Saturday evening prepping my hair, doing my nails (for the first time in months!) and choosing my outfit.   It was an incredibly boring Saturday night, but oh well.

This morning went smoothly.  I got up with the girls and let Pat sleep in.  I spent a little too long with the eyeshadow, again, but there was plenty of time so I didn’t neglect any of my duties.  Girl 1’s tights were on properly, and all our fingernails were clean.  I even said some of Morning Prayer and read the Gospel reading in advance.

So, hooray for good routines!  Now to keep it up . . . .

My outfit:

IMG_1457 IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1464


So, our fingernails were clean but Girl 2’s nose was not.  Her nose is running so much these days I don’t even notice it.  But once we got in our pew I tried to wipe it and boy, that was a mistake.  She shrieked, loudly and indignantly and repeatedly, so Pat had to take her to the back almost immediately.

They returned to the pew later, and Girl 2 had a fresh booger hanging out of her nose, just ripe for the picking.  I thought I could get it with one, quick swipe of a wet wipe.  (They say insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result . . . .)  She shrieked, she screamed, she arched her back in protest, hit her head on the pew, and screamed even louder.  Blood curdling.  Poor Pat spent the rest of Mass with her in the vestibule.

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What I Wore Sunday: Confessions of a Vain Mommy?

This is what I wore to Mass today.

New red coat (clearance find!) from Anne Klein.  Chutzpah to wear purple tights with nude heels from Martha.

New red coat (clearance find!) from Anne Klein. Chutzpah to wear purple tights with nude heels from Martha.




Scarf close-up

Scarf close-up

The girls wore matching gold sparkly dresses and pink sparkly cardigans.   Have I mentioned how much I love having little girls?

IMG_1405 IMG_1406 IMG_1407 IMG_1408 IMG_1409


What I really want to write about, though, is last week.  Last Sunday, I spent over an hour (okay, almost two), getting myself showered and dressed, working on hair, trying out an eyeshadow technique I saw on Pinterest, etc.   Pat got himself and both girls ready.  We then gathered up the girls and their accoutrements into the van in our typical rush.

Before we left, Pat snapped a pictures of me.

IMG_1326[1]Ugh.  Well. . . . That was a waste of time.  (I truly truly am not fishing for compliments here.  A lot of you left sweet, encouraging comments last week, which made me feel much better and which I appreciate.  Still, subjectively, I was not happy with how I looked.)

We got to our pew and I looked down to see that Girl 1’s tights were on backwards, so the dingy part that is supposed to be on the bottom of her foot was instead on the top.  Her shoes were on backwards and . . .

My own fingernails were dirty.  With eyeshadow, I think.

I don’t believe our God is one to play “gotcha” with us.  But, man, I sure felt I was being taught a lesson.

Somehow, the hours before Mass have become “me” time, and that just doesn’t seem right.

Is God glorified when we put on nice clothes for Mass, when we wash and nicely arrange our hair, when we put on a bit of makeup?  Sure. Is He glorified when I perfect the latest eyeshadow technique from Pinterest and spend long (futile!) hours with a round brush trying to get my hair to look like Kate Middleton’s?


I’ve  never been a high maintenance kind of girl (at least not as far as the externals go, emotional maintenance is another story).  So, I’ve always felt silly, vain, when I spend a lot of time on my appearance.

And yet, after having two kids and turning 30, I’m convinced it’s not a bad thing to have a nice two-hour stretch once a week to take care of myself: to take a long shower, to take whatever depilatory measures are necessary, to “do” my hair nicely, to play around with makeup.  It’s not a bad thing.  It might even be a good thing.  It’s not just vanity.  (But yes, I realize it is a luxury I am extremely blessed to have.)

At the same time, it doesn’t feel right to do it on Sunday morning.

So this is where I was going to write about how I’ve started making Saturday evening my “me” time: taking a nice long shower, putting my hair in Velcro rollers overnight, picking out my outfit, maybe doing my nails, so that I can get ready quickly in the morning.

But then real life intervened.  We stayed out late at a lovely gathering of dear, old friends.  Once we got home and got the girls to bed, my tired mommy bones weren’t up to anything more than going to sleep.  Then this morning, my Saintly Husband let me sleep in, and I had about half an hour to get ready.

Somehow, though, like the way I turned out a bit better this week:


I’m not really sure what the moral of the story is here.  Spend time with good friends whenever you can, and get as much sleep as you can, I suppose.  All the same, next weekend I will try to implement my new Saturday night routine.

My hair looks better when I do the Velcro rollers anyway.  😉

Fireman’s wife with curlers in her hair, ca. 1955. Photograph by Honoré Desmond Sharrer. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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What I Wore Sunday: A Little Bit of Fairy Dust

At least I was hoping a little bit of fairy dust would perk up a rather blah outfit. But it didn’t. Time for this cardigan to go. The dress is nice (gift from my MIL, still available at Kohls, here, very flattering plus nursing friendly) but it was too cold today to wear it by itself.




But at least I had a hat to remedy a bad hair day.


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What I Wore Sunday: The Polka Dot “It” Sweater

So this is what I wore to Mass today:

Someone was good at Mass AND at the grocery store and got some MnMs.  I was good too but only got a bag of dates.

Someone was good at Mass AND at the grocery store and got some MnMs. I was good too but only got a bag of dates!

Someone was good at Mass AND at the grocery store and got some MnMs. I was good too but only got a bag of dates!

The sweater was an impulse buy at Old Navy a few months ago.  Turns out I inadvertently found the “it” sweater of the season, at least in the < $50 range.  This is new for me.  Usually, my impulse buys turn out to be “not it” items.  But, at least according to Pinterest, I lucked out this time:

From hello-gorgeous-blog.blogspot.com

I like the look of a button down underneath it, but it doesn’t work for me.  I probably would need a size up for that to work.

Zooey Deschanel from “New Girl”

And check out the lovely Erika, in her WIWS post for today.  (I promise I didn’t see her post until after I had selected my own outfit!)

Anyway, My Lenten contribution to the blogosphere will be a two-part (possibly three-part) series on cooking Good Enough Fish.  First part is coming tomorrow  here.  Check it out!  Unless of course you know how to cook Really Good Fish, in which case I have nothing to offer you.  😉

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What I Wore Sunday: Green and Pink Ruffles

Happy Sunday everyone!  Anyone else ready for Spring?  Given the state of the weather, I needed some bright colors this morning:


I’m also wearing a black skirt, black leggings, and black boots. In case you were wondering.

You know, I almost gave away this cardigan?  It has a small stain on it that bothered me, and it was a little too big and boxy.  I took it out after it had spent months in he giveaway bin.  I had to look hard for the stain, so I figure no one else will notice.  And it’s not too big anymore!  Wonder how it shrunk in the closet.  Crazy, huh?

Does anyone else get Boden‘s catalog?  I got my first one the other day, and I am in trou-ble.  Beautiful stuff, and I can see myself wearing just about every outfit.

So many spots and stripes this Spring!

A lot of ladies I know really enjoy J. Crew’s catalog, but I just can’t get into it.  For one thing, there’s the sticker shock   Also, I have to think too hard.  “Okay, I wouldn’t wear the distressed, denim cut-off shorts with the sequin peplum jacket and the neon knee socks with the ankle-strap peep toe heels . . . but maybe I would wear the white tee-shirt peeking out from underneath.”

Kind of like this. Seriously. You know?

Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat.  Not me anyway.

Apparently J.Crew doesn’t have time for me, either.  They stopped sending me catalogs.  I think the last thing I ordered from them was my wedding dress.


Oops! How did a wedding picture get there?

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What I Wore Sunday, Confessions of a Late Mass-Goer

I ran late for mass today.  Suffice it to say, I was running late for reasons 100% my fault, I am very repentant, and I shall never make the same mistakes again.  And God cut me a break because Father started mass a few minutes late, which means I wasn’t late after all.

You see, Pat and I have determined three very important guidelines for determining whether you are late for mass:

  1. If you are inside the church before the priest processes in, you’re not late.
  2. If you are in your seat before the priest reaches the altar, you’re not late.
  3. If one of you achieves #1 or #2 while the other parks the car, the car-parking spouse is not late by virtue of the first spouse’s being not late.

No. 3 didn’t apply today because we went to mass separately, for the third time in a row.  The girls are sick yet again.  Please, please Spring come soon!

I went to an English mass for, I think, the first time in at least a month.  I attended the Spanish mass the last two times, and Latin the times before that.  Because we usually go to a Latin mass, I still have to look at the cheat sheet for the new responses when we do go to an English mass.  Very humbling.

So anyway, this is what I wore:


My jacket is from Old Navy, at least 5 years ago.  It’s a testament to how their clothing used to be of good quality.

I like to think my outfit looks a little bit like this get-up from J. Crew:



                     See it now?

J. Crew says that “a denim jacket makes everything seem a little more effortless.”  Does anyone else out there get annoyed by the idea that our outfits are supposed to look “effortless”?  At this stage in my life, “effortless” is pajamas.  Just getting dressed at all is an effort and I don’t care who knows, dammit.

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What I Wore Sunday, The Epiphany of the Lord

I’m trying out a new blog format today.  Let me know what you think.

Another Sunday, another lazy morning, another outfit, another afternoon Spanish mass by myself.

Instead of last week’s mariachi band, the Spanish mass today had a cantor with the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in a long time.  Pure, clear, lovely lovely lovely.  I wish I could understand the words of the songs she sang.


Lighting isn’t great here, but I have dark blue trouser jeans, navy blue striped tee, and navy blue corduroy blazer.  I don’t usually wear blue jeans to Sunday mass, but I dunno, this felt okay.  I was way more comfortable than I usually am in dressier clothes, which made me less distracted.  Of course, attending without the little bundles of need and noise goes a long way, too.

The necklace is a Christmas gift from my brother.  The beads are made of juniper wood, and they are wonderfully fragrant.  Kind of like having a little bit of incense around my neck.

Breastfeeding/babywearing necklace from Kangaroocare on Etsy. Handmade in Estonia from juniper wood.

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What I Wore Sunday, Funeral Edition (not really)

Here we are again: it’s What I Wore Sunday time!  I hope everyone is enjoying the octave of Christmas.  (I seriously had typed “Easter” but caught it right before I clicked “publish”!)

Here’s my outfit today, how do you like my Statue of Liberty headdress?  😉



This is a variation on my work uniform back when I was working at Big Law in DC.  Just take away the scarf (i.e. the only source of color) and substitute a string of pearls, and add black pumps in place of boots.  Pat called it my “funeral garb.”  Can’t imagine why.

Well, we’re off to visit with some family who are visiting from out of town.  Gotta keep this brief.

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What I Wore Sunday, or Blurry Photography Part 35

I’m linking up with Kendra and Emily at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.

I actually took these pictures Saturday night because I had a few quiet minutes to try out a new outfit and get Pat to take photos.

I was so excited when I saw this outfit pop up on Pinterest:

This is not me.

because I had bought similar pieces just a few days before.  It took me a while to get to wear them, though, because the skirt was thrifted and needed alteration.  Also, it’s too cold for sandals so I had to wait for my brown boots to come.  (Okay, actually I got impatient and wore this outfit once with black boots but I am thoroughly ashamed of myself and promise never to do it again.  😉

So anyway:


also me

Which belt is better?  I think I”ll go with the wider one because the skinny one slides around a bit.  The skirt doesn’t have belt loops.

A necklace would be a nice Sunday-best touch here.  Something like this:

or this:

but Girl 2 is in a grabby stage so no necklace for me right now.

Finally, this is for Lizzie.  What I Wore to Walmart:

What? It’s what the locals wear.