Some shopping successes

Mossimo Supply Co. Printed Skinny Pant and Puma Caroline wedge

Classy little girl dresses for $4, man repeller fail, and clown shoes . . . .


1. I was thrilled to find these at Wally World the other day.  They rang up at four bucks–four bucks!!–at my local store.  They’re $5 something online.  The cute prints are quickly being sold out online, but there are some sizes left in this print.  And it’s worth a check at your local store.


Faded Glory Girls’ Elbow Length Sleeve Dress




It’s what all the cool kids are wearing.


2. After another stressful Monday, I took a solitary evening prowl through the Target clearance rack.  I found these, which what I thought were a prime example of a man repeller.  (They were $10 at my store; very thin material but they had me at “elastic waist.”)

Mossimo Supply Co. Printed Skinny Pant and Puma Caroline wedge

I wear them today and Pat says, “Wow!  Great pants!”  Curses!  Foiled again.

3. I like them with my Puma Caroline wedge sneakers.  (Order a full size up.)  The more restrained color options were sold out in my size.  I’ll probably look back at this year as the year I wore clown bowling shoes, but for now I don’t care.

4. Hmm, that’s about it.  No, no wait!  I bought a can opener at Williams Sonoma and it’s the bomb.  Just a basic, standard, non-fancy can opener.  It’s $10 but made in the USA and worth every penny.  Beat the pants off the $3 Walmart store brand model I bought that lasted about two uses.

5. Check back with Jenna for more of this week’s Favorites!

What I Wore Sunday, or Here’s To Second Chances

So here’s what I wore to Mass today:

Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Dress: From Ross or Marshall’s, very ancient
Belt: Loft
Read more about my awesome boots here

For various reasons, Pat and I went to different masses today and alternated staying at home with the girls.  I wanted to wear a long necklace since I would, for once, be out of reach of Miss Grabster.  Then I realized that all the necklaces I wanted to wear were still broken from when I wore them two years ago when Girl 1 was in this stage.

I did wear some fun danglies though.

Target clearance. No one else wanted to buy these, apparently. Weird, I know.

So about the second chances:  I was all set to give away this cardigan.  Never felt it fit right; wasn’t sure about the color; Pat wasn’t crazy about it.  But then I saw this on Pinterest:

And I tried to kinda-sorta recreate it.  My outfit came out looking pretty different, but it was a combo I wouldn’t have thought to wear otherwise, and it saved my cardigan from being cast off.

Finally, funny story here. This is what the girls wore last Sunday:

Christmas photo day?  Nope.

Saintly Husband got the baby dressed.  When he brought her out, I said, “Oh, you put her in her Christmas dress,” trying to be all neutral and non-judgmental.  He said, “Wha?  That’s not her Christmas dress.”   Somehow he hadn’t noticed the red and white color scheme or the snowmen embroidered across the front.  But neither of us wants to undress and redress the baby more often than necessary, so we let it be.  Then Girl 1 decided it would be fun to wear her Christmas dress (another red corduroy number, handed down from a cousin).  Girl 1 kept asking if we were “going to Christmas” since both girls were wearing their Christmas dresses.  So anyway, we had a little Christmas in mid-November in our family last week.

Check out Fine Linen and Purple for more Sunday finery.  Thanks so much to the ladies there for hosting this fun link-up!  And be sure to check out my sister’s blog; she’s joining us this Sunday for the first time.