Easy Spinach Tomato Frittata {Menu Plan Monday}

Recently I found this yummy frittata recipe through Pinterest.  It’s easy, delicious, and nutritious.  I’ve tweaked it quite a bit so I’ll share my version with you.


Easy Spinach-Tomato Frittata

  • 8  eggs
  • 2/3 cup marinara sauce (I use Delallo)
  • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup frozen, pre-chopped onion
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp. pre-minced garlic (4 cloves fresh, minced garlic)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1/2 c. frozen spinach (about 4 oz.)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees (F).  Defrost the frozen spinach and put into a colander or sieve; press the water out.  Allow the remaining water to drip out.  Meanwhile, sauté the onion and garlic in the olive oil over medium heat, using an oven-proof pan (heavy steel or cast iron). Remove from heat.  Beat the eggs and mix in the marinara sauce, mozzarella, salt, pepper, and spinach.  Add to the onion and garlic and mix it all together in the pan.   Sprinkle the parmesan on top.  Bake for approximately 15 minutes.  Makes 3-4 servings.

* * * *

I’m linking up with Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  I found this recipe in my recipe binder the other day:

Vinegar-braised chicken with greens via the WSJ

I had clipped it out of the Wall Street Journal, made it a time or two, then forgot about it.  (I guess that’s because I use Pinterest a lot these days to save recipes, rather than paper copies.)  So delish; can’t wait to have it again.  It calls for crème fraîche, which I cannot find in my grocery store.  Any suggestions of where it would be located in an ordinary grocery store?  Or is it usually only in specialty shops?

Breakfasts: Coffee with unsweetened, vanilla almond milk, scrambled eggs with avocado and Jones all natural,  pre-cooked breakfast sausage (love these) OR two-ingredient grain-free “pancakes,” OR gluten-free oatmeal (not completely Perfect Health Diet compliant)

Lunches: Our main meal (see below)

Dinners: Leftovers, some variation of a big-ass salad, a smoothie, or a baked sweet potato

Monday: Sweet and sour pan-fried salmon, potatoes (sweet for me, white for Pat), salad

Tuesday: Vinegar-braised chicken with greens (above)

Wednesday: Cube steak with mushrooms and onions, potatoes or rice, and a veggie

Thursday: Frittata (above)

Friday: Pizza using Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust mix

Saturday: ??

Sunday: ??

Snacking, Blogging, and Telltale Signs of a Disordered Life {7QT}

— 1 —

The other night at 11pm, I found myself standing at the kitchen counter, eating cold, leftover pot roast and potatoes straight out of the crock pot, and it reminded me of this article.

I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings: Gorging on Kit Kats and pot roast lets you overindulge while still getting the kids off to school                                  Essay by Caitlin Moran

— 2 —

That actually was a while ago now.  Since then, I’ve read this book:

and this book:

There’s a lot I’d like to say, eventually, about both, but my main takeaway from both is, to quote Ms. Scott,

“Snacking is so not chic.”

— 3 —

So I was very motivated there for a while and cut out almost all snacking.  It wasn’t as hard as I expected, and I dropped a couple extra pounds I hoped to get rid of . . . .

— 4 —

And then it became that time of the month before that time of the month and the kids got particularly testy and now I’m all like:

and also:

except that wine isn’t so much of an issue, and really any food will do if there’s no chocolate to be had.  And somehow the healthy, 90% cocoa dark chocolate just doesn’t hit the spot like MnMs do.

— 5 —

And this all just adds to the general feeling I’ve had lately of my life being disordered.

— 6 —

And whenever I reach a particularly low point I think, “That’s it!  Blogging hiatus!  Must stay off the computer.”  But I can’t tear myself away.    But I’m planning to limit my posts to whatever I can write in one stretch once a week.  (I think this is how Rachel Meeks does it.)  My Saintly Mother-in-Law often takes the girls one afternoon a week, and if that doesn’t work out, my Saintly Husband often gives me some time off on the weekend.  So I’ll just bang out as many posts as I can in one sitting, schedule them in advance, and then try to focus on life and not snacking.  We’ll see how it goes.

— 7 —

On a related note, I’m going to respond to blog comments in the comment box from here on out.  So, if you feel so kind as to write a comment, please be sure to click “subscribe to follow-up comments” (or whatever it is) if you care to read my reply.  I admire other bloggers who respond to comments by email, because it’s more personal.  But I can respond in the combox with one click on my phone.  Responding by email, on the other hand, is a multi-step process.  I tend to put it off and then forget.  I’d rather not let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so I’m sticking with the com box.  (Sometimes I might respond by email in order to have more of a conversation, if time permits . . . but often it doesn’t.)

If you are still reading this, God bless your patient heart, and go to  Conversion Diary for something more interesting!

Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

So, as a new blogger, one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most has been linking to Jen for 7 Quick Takes.  Kind of means you’ve arrived, you know?  I even jot little notes to myself about ideas for the 7 takes.  So imagine my shock this morning when I check my sister’s blog this morning and discover that — it’s Friday already!  I was not ready for this to happen so soon!

— 2 —

Sometimes I read in the news about Ecoli outbreaks here or there.  Takes me a while to remember that ecoli = poop.  Then I wonder, “How in the world did so much poop get there?”   Then the doctor prescribed my 9 month old Zpack.  Now I know the answer: very very easily.

— 3 —

I got up before the girls this morning (this almost never happens), and sure enough: they’re both up early now too!  At my ankles as we speak.

— 4 —

I’ve been reading My Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.  Started it right around the time I started blogging, in fact.  He says to “avoid superfluity of words” and that “a bad custom, and the neglect of our spiritual advancement, are a great cause of our keeping so little guard upon our mouth.”  Gulp.  But perhaps 7 Quick Takes are “devout conferences concerning spiritual things” that “help very much to spiritual progress, especially where persons of the same mind and spirit are associated together in God”?  I’m sure y’all were edified by my ecoli musings.

— 5 —

My dad is color blind, and we always used to pester him with questions about how things look to him.  Now I know.

— 6 —

Speaking of Wall Street Journal, they are fired (at least until I come across one of those $100/ year deals).  Check this out:

Blah, blah, blah, ble-ble blah blah, put-you-to-sleep-with-paragraphs-of-nothingness-so-you-don’t-read-the-part-about-reaching-into-your-pocket-and-bilking-you-for-twice-as-much-as-we-used-to.  The nerve.

— 7 —

Gotta go change a diaper.  And Girl 1 wants her tight pants.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

Everything old(ish) is new again?

According to the Wall Street Journal (that noted competitor of Women’s Wear Daily),  “flats are suddenly being promoted for polished occasions.”   Funny, because I remember this article from the same publication, back in 2004, proclaiming that flats were “stampeding out of stores” that spring and that “a parade of women” were “seeking styles that are both dressy and more down to earth.”    I just happen to remember the article because it was the first place I saw the term “toe cleavage,” and I thought it funny.

Toe cleavage

Toe cleavage (Photo credit: emilybean)

Is 2004 really that long ago?

Perhaps so because 2017 seems awfully far away.