Do Your Kids Dress Themselves? {What We Wore Sunday}

Mine do.  I never thought I’d let them, but now I do.

It occurred to me that what they wear these days is much more interesting than anything I wear.

So this is what I wore yesterday to church–nothing worth blogging about really.  (Girl 1 pleaded, “Mommy, you have to wear a dress!  If you wear those pants–the priest is going to be mad at you!”  (He wasn’t.)).


My Estiva ballet flats from Crocs are still holding strong (n.b. they run large).

Fact of the week you don’t need to know: I haven’t plucked my eyebrows, seriously, in months.  They’re not so tidy looking close-up but they’re not exactly out of control.  I may never go back.

This is what Girl 1 wore (Girl 2 already had changed by the time I took pictures):

IMG_8668 IMG_8667 IMG_8666

Girl 2 wore this Friday morning while we ran errands–look carefully and you can see a floral sundress she wore under her Frozen dress:

IMG_8643She insisted on changing into her “picnic clothes” and “picnic shoes” later that afternoon before we went to an end-of-the-year school picnic at the playground.


I probably shouldn’t let her wear these shoes to the playground anymore.  But my sister went through a stage, at around the same age, of wearing dress-up high heel everyday, everywhere.  So there’s some nostalgia there for me.  My parents even let her wear them to church.  At our current parish, children aren’t the novelty they were at my parish growing up.  So letting your kid wear loud, clackety-clack shoes to church is like–ten demerits!  So we draw the line at wearing them church.

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely Memorial Day.  Click on over to Fine Linen and Purple for more What I Wore Sunday posts.

In more somber news, I’m participating this Wednesday in a blog-hop on maternal anxiety and depression, hosted by Katherine at Half-Kindled.  A bevy of talented bloggers are participating and writing on this important topic, including Bonnie at A Knotted Life, Jenna of Call Her Happy, Jenny of Mama Needs Coffee, and Rosie of Check Out That Sunset, so you should definitely check it out!

Style & the SAHM: The Quest Continues

two years later . . . .

It’s been almost two years since I wrote Style & the SAHM: A Quest, the beginning of an on-again, off-again series.  I’ve been less enthusiastic about my quest lately (gaining 20 pounds will do that to you).  Still, the quest continues.  Here are some lessons learned from the past fall and winter . . . which, in April, is helpful to no one in my hemisphere . . . you can bookmark this to read come October.  😉

1. If you try on a sweater at TJ Maxx


and don’t buy it and then find yourself, thinking about it a lot, you should go back and buy it.  You’ll wear it a lot.  Especially, since you’ve been on the lookout for a flattering,  white, non-scratch, cableknit sweater for a long time.

IMG_8242 IMG_8085

2. When in doubt, ditch the bootcut jeans and sneakers and go for skinny jeans (or LOFT curvy straight leg jeans) with boots, especially if you have a drapey top.  Also, those red bowling clown shoes were a mistake.

See example A


vs. Examples B and C



3. But bootcut jeans aren’t always a bad choice, if your top is more on the fitted side.  And even those red sneakers, well . . .

IMG_7660 IMG_76614. If you have a round face and broad shoulders to begin with, and then gain weight, you’ll wish you had bought more v-neck, drapey tops like this one from T.J. Maxx . . .

IMG_8211 IMG_8227and this one from Express (didn’t buy it but should have):

IMG_7639and fewer fitted crewnecks like these.  The pictures were taken when I bought them a year ago–they’re more snug now 😦

IMG_7579 IMG_76385. If you find yourself at a coffee shop wearing the same sweater as someone else, then later notice that she has taken off the sweater and is now wearing just the shirt underneath, take a good look at yourself, and ask

“Would I want be dressed like me?”


Lesson learned: beware the siren song of the elastic waist.  When in doubt, wear jeans.  😉

Also, after two years, it was time for another closet purge.  It’s amazing how much piles up, even when I try to be pretty minimalist.

Most of these things I gave away, or am in the process of giving away.  A few I saved for a different season.  A very very few I couldn’t bear to part with and saved in hopes of losing weight.


Now the extent of my wardrobe is this:


and this:


with one box in the closet of out-of-season or too-small things I’m hanging on to.

The battle against frumpiness and clutter takes constant vigilance.

Keep fighting the good fight

{And click over to Jenna’s blog for more five favorites posts.}

A Minimal-ish Summer Momiform, 2014 Edition

Hello everyone!  It’s about time for another installment of my Style & the Stay-At-Home Mom on-again off-again series.  {And the crowd goes wild.}

Style & the SAHM

Last summer was the first summer I really had a week’s worth of outfits that really worked for my lifestyle.  This summer is similar but (I hope) a bit better.  Most of the shirts I wore last year were worn out I was sick of after a year, so I’ve picked up some new pieces.

Last year, I discovered the Athleta Wherever skort.  It worked well, but this year I went with something a little more streamlined and less flowy, the Sweet Sport Skort.  Sadly, it’s sold out except in XXS, last I checked.   There are several to choose from on eBay though (mine is the Tall length).  Also, the “Sweet Sport Skort Active,” which is the same style but shorter, is still available.  It might work for some of you more petite ladies.

I’m still struggling with proportions: what shaped top goes with what shaped bottom (and what shaped items go with my bottom *ahem*).  I feel like I’m missing whatever gene makes this instinctual for some people.

Generally, I’m happier with tops that have some drape.


I love this linen tee from Madewell.  (Comme ci, Comme ca translates, I’m pretty sure, to “32 years old and desperately trying to stay become hip.”)  My two-year old stretched out the neckline a bit, boo hoo.

And sometimes it makes my arm fall off.  I hate it when that happens.


Another success is this “tail” shirt from Anthropologie (no longer available in this color):


It, too, is looking worse for the wear after only a few months.  I’m starting to accept that knit, casual tops are only going to last me one season.

I’ve been a less happy with my Breton tees from Boden.  They’re fine, and better layered with a jacket or puffer vest in the fall.  But on their own . . . boxy and not especially flattering.


I think more fitted, stretchy knit tees can be an elegant, minimalistic choice.  But for those of us with a bit of a tum to hide, drapey is the way to go.  

Even then, drapey can be difficult, as in the case of this linen baseball tee from J. Crew, which I purchased recently on sale.  It’s hard to get it to look right.  On its own, it’s too shapeless, I think:


Better with a necklace:


Okay-est with a half-tuck, I think.



I think???

Another piece I wear with some frequency is this dress from Old Navy:


It’s my first foray into wearing dresses for every day.  I finally got around to having it altered, and I’m glad I did.

Okay, surely there’s a law against posting this many blurry pictures of oneself on the internet in one day.  So I’m stopping here.

And for the fun of linking up with Heather for Five Favorites Wednesday, here are five of my favorite pieces that I’m wearing this summer:

1. Birkenstock Gizeh sandals

2. Crocs Estiva ballet flats (currently on sale)

3. Madewell linen tee (currently on sale)

4. Athleta Sweet Sport Skort

5. These prescription sunglasses from Firmoo.  Now I can see without squinting outside.  Possibly my favorite purchase of the year.  Firmoo usually has a promo code for free shipping, or for 50% off your first purchase.

What about you?  What are you wearing this summer?

How To Look Less Bad: Part Two {Style & the SAHM}

Style and the stay at home mom

How’s your summer uniform/ wardrobe working out for you?

Me?  Not so great.  The style-and-the-SAHM action around here has been less style and more SAH lately.

But I did learn a valuable lesson the other day.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing from time to time:

IMG_6515 IMG_6518

Oh yikes.  This just screams “MOM”!  My kids scream “MOM!” quite enough.  I don’t need my clothes to scream it too.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I remembered Fran wore a similar-yet-cute outfit with the same shirt.

From Franish

Aha!  Yes.

Audrey said it so long ago, but I had to learn the hard way–


TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT . . . and put on a belt.

Style & the SAHM: Tuck in your shirt!

Isn’t that better?  It still says, “Mom,” but . . . softly.

Admittedly, tucking your shirt in is not right for all outfits.  And maybe not necessary for a shorter, more fitted shirt.  But when in doubt, I think tucking in is usually a good idea.  I think.

I make mistakes so you don’t have to (as in How To Look Less Bad, Part 1).

Go tuck in your shirt.  You can thank me later.


What Should Mermaids Wear to Mass?

Here’s what I wore today:

J. Crew Factory ponte flare dress (no longer available): thrifted scarf

J. Crew Factory ponte flare dress (no longer available):
thrifted April Cornell scarf 

And what I wore last week:

J. Crew Factory ponte dress; Lia Sophia necklace

J. Crew Factory ponte dress; Lia Sophia necklace

Which accessory do you think is better?

Here is what Girl 1’s doll wore to Mass today:

What mermaids wear to Mass

Not recommended.  Although it got me thinking, what should modesty standards be for mermaids?  If all mermaids bare their navels, is it immodest?  Perhaps it would be acceptable at an all-mermaid mass.  At a human, Tridentine Mass, though, it gets a little more dicey.  Thankfully, we didn’t get kicked out.

Here’s what I wore a few weeks ago.


I’ve been less enthusiastic about outfit posts lately, since packing on a few pounds.  But I know I don’t want to see only perfect-bodied people’s outfits.  So here I am, doing my part to keep WIWS real and imperfect.  🙂


Happy Sunday!

A New Outfit: 20,000 Pinners Can’t Be Wrong

I saw a similar ensemble on Outfit Posts blog and pinned it on a Pinterest board.  Since then, it’s been re-pinned over four thousand times.  I figure at least four other people have had the same experience, so that’s . . . 20,000 people who like this outfit.

It’s an odd accomplishment to have one of one’s Pinterest pins re-pinned over 4,000 times.  It was exciting for the first 1,000 times or so until I realized — this is a picture of someone else, on someone else’s blog.  I get the glory . . . how?

Oh, I know how!  By recreating the outfit myself and blogging about it.  That’s better.

Denim jacket, leopard scarf, LOFT curvy skinny jeans, brown boots


I’m linking up for the first time with What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.  Thanks Lindsey!
pleated poppy

My Minimalistic Fall/ Winter Mom Uniform

Don’t get too excited. It’s shockingly similar to last year’s.

— 1 —


My “inspiration” was this outfit I saw on Pinterest (can’t find the original source):


To be honest, I usually wear this cardigan with a knit top, because I hate ironing the chambray one, and it’s less comfortable.

— 2 —


— 3 —


Old Navy has redeemed itself with this sweater.

— 4 —


I have a few other cotton tops that I also wear with this cardigan . . .

— 5 —

Like this (you’ve seen this outfit before).


— 6 —

IMG_4615 IMG_4627

Cotton Lands’ End sweater I picked up at a consignment shop recently. Not my favorite ever, but good enough to keep for this season at least.

— 7 —


This sweater/scarf combo is an old reliable for me. It probably looks better with the wider legged jeans, come to think of it.

I have two pairs of jeans that I wear regularly: Loft curvy straight leg jeans (I grin every time I write this . . . curvy straight . . . hah!) (currently 50% off), and an old pair of Levi bootcut/ trouser leg jeans. I also have two other pairs as backup.

Throughout the Fall, I wore these outfits with the stretchy cotton Lands’ End blazer I wrote about earlier.

I had some trouble getting a good shot of the blazer in action.

But I tried valiantly . . . .

IMG_4483 IMG_4486 IMG_4488

So that’s it. Three sweaters, three cardigans, a few knit tops, two jeans, two pairs of boots, one pair of Sperry’s (really looking forward to replacing the latter). Pretty much what I wear every single day. I do have a heavier sweater for really cold outings, plus a law school hoodie for those days that just call for a sweatshirt.

It works pretty well for me. The thing no one tells you about minimalism though . . . it gets boooring. Especially when half of your sweaters are from 2009. Here’s hoping for a new year filled with many new sweaters . . . well, two or three anyway.

An Episcopal Blazer Enters the Catholic Church {What I Wore Sunday}

This is what I wore today:

Ralph Lauren blazer infinity scarf pencil skirt brown boots

I went on an exhaustive search for the perfect blazer earlier this Fall.  The one I went with was a stretchier, more casual number (without gold buttons *sniff sniff* ).  I mostly was concerned with finding a tailored yet comfy everyday jacket.  I figured it would have to do for dressier use, as well, because I wasn’t about to buy a second blazer. 

THEN I found this baby at the Episcopal church’s rummage sale.  Gold buttons!  Ding ding ding!

Maybe it would better if it were more fitted and a little less boxy?  It’s hard to find fitted blazers that are wide enough for my shoulders, though.  Just reading descriptions of jackets that are a “shrunken” style gives me the willies because they are so uncomfortable for me.

My life: vale of tears, etc. What can I say?

Ralph Lauren blazer infinity scarf pencil skirt brown boots

Linking up with FL&P today.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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Polka Dot and Stripes, Again: What I Wore Sunday

This is what I wore today:

striped J. Crew boatneck tee, polka dot skirt, pink cardigan, brown boots, Warby Parker Northcote

It’s basically a replica of what I wore several months ago, but with a newer striped shirt:

IMG_1464Girl 1 left the pattern mixing to me for once.  I found her a Sunday outfit we both agree on.  (I realized, once we were at Mass, that I had put it on her backwards, with the little flower pinned to the back instead of the front.  Gah!  But it’s not obvious.)


Linking up with FL&P today.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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